The Student Initiative Grant 2022

Sub projects in the Student Initiative Grant 2022

Mental health

The sub-project "mental health" is the core of the Student Initiative Grant 2022. This year's grant has a clear purpose, to give students access to psychological health services. through social activities amongst several measures. The aim is to strengheten the students psychological health. All activities in the Student Initiative Grant 2022 will help to support the goal of strengthening the students' "psychological immune system".

Student volunteerism grant

The sub-project "Student volunteerism grant" will contribute to a flourishing of student volunteering, to create a an even more active student environment in the student capital Oslo. Associations and other voluntary student groups will in the year of 2022 have the opportunity to apply for activity funds through The Student volunteerism grant 2022. 

The activity group

Students will be planning and carrying out social low-threshold events for fellow students, regardless of connection to the place of study and association. The purpose is to strengthen the social environment. Activities will be avaliable for students to show up alone, with others, become part of a larger group, and get to know more students.

Semester with new friends

All students can sign up in the registration form to Semester with new friends, and be placed in groups with students with similar interests. The groups are divided according to factors such as language, interests and hobbies. The purpose of this sub project is to give students the opportunity to both build and expand their networks. The sub-project will actively portray social opportunities for the groups of friends.

Students of SiO

The sub-project will collaborate with SiO's service areas to integrate the students in their operation and development of service offerings. The sub-project is central to fulfill the guidelines in the grant letter from the Storting. SiO is to cooperate with the students to assess which measures can best contribute to strengthening the student mental immune system.

Oslo as a student city

The sub-project will work on making the cultural offerings in Oslo available to the students. Through collaboration with various companies in Oslo, the goal is to carry out attractive student activities, and collaborate for the benefit of the students. These can be, for example, discounted tickets to cultural events, or separate student events with free admission.

The Student Initiative Grant 2022

On the 01.02.2022, SiO received "Supplementary grant letter to the student organizations for preventive measures aimed at the mental health of the students". SiO was granted 15,45 million kroners to "contributing to psychosocial follow-up and good mental health among students at colleges and universities". The student organizations in Norway were granted a total of 60 million kroners.

Through the "Student Initiative Grant 2022", students in Oslo and the surrounding area will have a more vibrant student environment and more social arenas, in addition to a strengthened mental health service. One of the goals is to make Oslo is accessible as a student city, and ensure that the social services reach everyone. Students should have many opportunities to meet other students! 

The allocation from the Storting in 2022 differs from the allocation in 2021. In the grant-letter from the Storting in 2022 they have chosen focus on the student volunteering services. Therefore, 2022 is the year of student volunteerism, and this year the application form is open to associations and other voluntary student organizations. Therefore, we have a separate sub-project who will dedicate their work into making the support scheme for student volunteering services available. Want to read more? See the grant letter.

In 2022, there is still a need to facilitate social meeting places among students. The pandemic measures are being scaled down, but regardless of further developments, the digitalization of higher education and hence the need for new forms of enriching student life is increasing.

The Student Initiative Grant in 2021 

In 2021, SiO received a total 33.3 million kroners to strengthen the students' situation during both the pandemic and the reopening of society. The money was distributed to strengthen the mental health services for the students, give salaries for students, and for activity funds for social low-threshold services under the auspices of SiO and under the students' own auspices. This was on the basis of official guidelines, earmarked funds and criteria in the grant letter from the Storting. The disposition of the money was organized in a separate project led by students who were employed by SiO in 2021, similar to this year's project. The project group and SiO are taking valuable learning from 2021 into 2022, to facilitate a social and good academic year for the students. 

The organizing of the project in SiO


  • Social services that can boost the student well-being 
  • Strengthening the students mental immune system 

These goals are based on the basic elements in the grant-letter from the Storting.


The Student Initiative Grant 2022 is of course by students, for students. The vast majority of those working in the project are full-time students, and are passionate about Oslo being a good student city for you. To ensure that the allocation from the Storting is used for measures which the students themselves need, we are organized and anchored with students at all levels. 

There are students in the project group, the legislative group, the reference group and in SiO's service areas. Together with SiO, the Student Initiative Grant 2022 wants student involvement to be a pillar in order to ensure the most important voice is being heard- the students themselves.