About the Student Initiative Grant

The student organization SiO has been granted funding from the Ministry of Education and Research in the spring of 2021. The purpose is to contribute to a slightly better everyday life for Oslo students in a difficult time, by creating social activities and providing mental health services. SiO has hired students who lead the project to ensure good student involvement. It is expected that the funds will be used as soon as possible, and that they must be used by the end of 2021. 

Students, associations and educational institutions can now apply for funding to arrange activities for students in Oslo. In addition, the Student Initiative Grant will be used to create social low-threshold services under the auspices of SiO's service areas, and to establish the concept Peer Support, which will support students' mental health. 

Do you want a part-time job? Through the Student Initiative Grant, you can create the position you dream of working with, and apply for salary funds. The requirement is that it will create social meeting places for students in Oslo and the surrounding area. Wages can only go to active students. The students with salaries must contribute to social services being implemented quickly, and to them reaching out to the students.

Associations and educational institutions
In this sub-project, students in associations and at educational institutions will arrange low-threshold social services and projects. The projects and events must, as far as possible, be planned and implemented by students. Subproject manager: Betty Sophie Feder -

Peer support
Peer support is where students volunteer to help and support fellow students through one-on-one conversations, groups or social events. Read more about the project
here. Subproject leader: Siri Anette Hansen - Siri.Anette.Hansen@sio.no

SiO Services
Subproject SiO's Services aims to develop low-threshold services by and for students in the various service areas (mainly SiO Housing, SiO Food and Beverage, SiO Health and SiO Athletica). Examples can be (student) concerts at the student towns, quizzes at SiO's cafes or rebus races/orienteering under the auspices of SiO Training. Subproject leader: Julie Bull Eilertsen -

Digital plattform
A digital platform for students will be created. This subproject is only in a pre-project phase. Subproject manager: Vegard Østlie -