About the Student Initiative Grant

The student organization SiO were granted funding from the Ministry of Education and Research in the spring of 2021. The purpose was to contribute to a slightly better everyday life for students in a difficult time, by creating social activities and providing mental health services. SiO hired students who led the project to ensure good student involvement. It was expected that the funds would be used as soon as possible, and they had to be used by the end of 2021. 

Students, associations, employees and educational institutions could apply for funding to arrange activities for students in Oslo. In addition, the Student Initiative Grant was used to create social low-threshold services under the auspices of SiO's service areas, and to establish the concept Peer Support, which will support students' mental health in years to come. 

The sub-projects of the Student initiative grant:

SiO Services
Sub-project SiO's Services aimed to develop low threshold activities for students in the various service areas, mainly SiO Housing, SiO Food and Beverage, SiO Health and SiO Athletica. Students could join concerts at the student towns, quizzes at SiO's cafes or rebus races/orienteering arranged by SiO Training. Subproject manager: Julie Bull Eilertsen -

Associations and educational institutions
Students in associations and at educational institutions were encouraged to arrange social low threshold offers and projects. The projects and events had to, as far as possible, be planned and implemented by students. Subproject manager: Betty Sophie Feder -

Peer support
Peer support is where students volunteer to help and support fellow students through one-on-one conversations, groups or social events. Read more about the project
here. Subproject manager: Siri Anette Hansen - siri.anette.hansen@sio.no

Semester with new friends
"Semester with new friends" is a social meeting place for students. Here, you can sign up and be assigned a group consisting of students with similar interests as yourself. You will get support from "Semester with new friends" but it is up to the group where you want to meet and how often. Subproject manager: Ruwayda Mohamed -

The activity group
This sub-project arranged social activities for all students, regardless of place of study or association. The Activity group offered events such as trips to museums, the trampoline park, climbing parks, theme nights and much more! Subproject manager: Henry Ramana -

The culture group
Through the culture group, students had the opportunity to experience Oslo's cultural life. Offers applied to both large and small events. Through the culture group, students gained access to established cultural institutions, offers arranged by educational institutions and student volunteering, as well as smaller cultural offers. Subproject manager: Mia Viken - mia.haugen@sio.no

The communication group
This sub-project will communicated the activities arranged by the Student initiative grant to all stakeholders. An important part of the communication group's tasks was to show what the funds were used for and to make visible the activities students can participate in. Subproject manager: Vilde Christine Sollien -