Students’ activity group

More activities for the students in Oslo 

This summer, the Students' Initiative Grant started a new project. We hired a group of social entrepreneurs to plan, prepare and hold activities for the students throughout the summer. The project exceeded all expectations and many new ideas came to life, which resulted in the project continuing.

When the project started, we called it ''the summer project", but it has now been renamed the Students' activity group. The goal of the activity group is to contribute to a better student life. They will work to give students an arena where they can meet, be physically active, talk together and experience cultural life in Oslo. The project was mainly intended to last through the summer, but after so many successful events and good response from the students, we have chosen to extend it.

The summer project has tried to contribute to a better everyday life for Oslo students, by arranging social activities. Among other things, it has opened the doors to several new friendships - both for international and local students. We see that there is a need for social meeting places to be created for students, and especially now after a time of pandemic. Students need to get out, meet other students and do things that they might otherwise never have had the opportunity to do, says Mia Viken, project employee.

The highlight of the summer

Throughout the summer, the activity group has held several events weekly, including "Floaties fest", paintball tournament and trips to Tusenfryd, Norsk Folkemuseum and Rush trampoline park.

For me personally, the highlight was when we arranged ''Fangene på fortet'' (the Prisoners at the fort) for approximately 50 students. I think this event was successful, many students showed up from across studies, and from different parts of the country and the world, Mia says.

At the start of the event, all participants had the opportunity to get to know each other.

- It is very nice to see when everyone is in the conversation and everyone is included. The activity itself was fun, challenging and social. At the end of the event, we ate pizza and talked. There were a lot of good conversations around the table and everyone told me that they thought it was very fun and a great way to get to know others. The best thing was to see that several of the participants decided to move on to other events later that evening. It shows that they get to know each other and that they include each other, Mia says.

More activities ahead

Now that the project continues, more activities will be arranged for the students throughout the autumn semester. After a summer with dozens of activities, the activity group has a lot of good experience.

We will continue our work to create and arrange social activities for students. This summer we got to test out different ways students can socialize, and now we will use the knowledge we have gained and use it in planning new events, says Mia.

The activity group is now working on planning upcoming activities. Several of the events this summer were very popular, and the events were filled up in a short time. The activity group therefore plans to repeat several of the activities.

- We will arrange more of the events again! We have been asked if we e.g., can arrange Escape Room, laser tag and ''Fangene på fortet'' again. These are fun events that we can easily arrange again. We also want to host the Summer water war next summer, so we hope to make it happen.

Want to make a difference

Mia thinks the job as a project employee is very rewarding. Among other things, she contributes to planning and organizing new events, and is present during the implementation.

- I wanted to work with this to be the difference I want to see in an everyday student life. Some may feel lonely, and others are shocked that it was not so easy to make friends anyway. Here I want to contribute. It should be easy to meet others, it should be easy to experience things and it should be easy to be included, says Mia.

For her, the job is not just about planning and conducting events, but also about creating experiences for the students and something they can enjoy. Mia constantly experiences pleasant feedback from the participants, but she remembers one comment particularly well.

- A very kind international student helped us clean up after we had finished an event. He showed great gratitude for the event and said: 

I am so incredibly grateful for what you have done today. I hope you understand how many doors you have opened for the students now. You give us someone to talk to and something to talk about. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all you have done today. 

- It is such comments that make this job even better than it already is, Mia says.