A long awaited festival weekend!

by: Larm is an annual music festival in Oslo where you can hear both Norwegian and international up and coming artists! On the occasion of this year's festival, the Student initiative grant handed out tickets to grateful students. The festival had a great atmosphere! The video below is proof of that:

This year's by:Larm festival was held from September 30rd to October 2th. In the city centre pepole seemed happy and eager about a reopened Oslo, catchy music and open beer taps!

- The best thing about going to a festival is discovering new music, Chris says.

- Yeah, and to get new impulses and have the opportunity to hear new artists, Ragny continues.

They had just finished a concert at Vulkan Arena, but had time for a quick chat before rushing on to the next stage. Both are students at the University of Oslo and two of the lucky students who got tickets for the festival.

- And to be able to dance, Chris concluded.

And there was a high occurrence of dancing! Thursday in Jakob's culture church with Sebastian Zalo. Friday at Blå with Metteson. And Saturday at Sentrum stage at the closing concert with Isah. The weekend consisted of a pulsating atmosphere, loud cheers and both unknown and familiar music that hit just right.

Everywhere you went you would meet happy people that probably had the same thought: how good it felt being able to attend a festival agian.

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Music credit ©: Werq by Kevin MacLeod Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4616-werq License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license