Application no.100

Lilleputtenes maleforening 

The Student Initiative Grant has now approved over 100 applications about activities for students in Oslo! We recently approved application number 100, which was submitted by Lilleputtenes maleforening.

At the end of 2020, Jostein Holen Ibsen, Victor Starheim and Torvald Andresen decided to start up a new association - Lilleputtenes maleforening. The association is something as unique as miniature painting - which means to paint small figures. When Jostein, Victor and Torvald started the association, they had been doing miniature painting for only one month.

The first time we went out to buy equipment, we spent around NOK 3,000 in total, and that is not something all students have the opportunity to, but we think it was very fun and wanted more people to join. That was the basis for us starting the association, says Jostein.

The last few months, the association has worked to get support from various organizations, to be able to buy enough equipment's, so everyone can come and borrow equipment.

- We want to help the students with the challenges we faced when we started. When we started, we had no one to help us and we had to learn everything from scratch. We want to make it easier for other students, because it can be a bit demotivating when you start, says Jostein.

Despite coronary restrictions, the association has nevertheless managed to gather members in small groups on a regular basis. They are also planning to meet physically throughout the autumn, as it is an important part of the association.

- The association are also a social meeting place. It takes so long to paint a figure and it is a lot of details, which gives a lot of time to be social and talk together. All the painting evenings we have had so far have been very social, where people have been talking the whole evening, says Jostein.

Victor and Jostein also want the association to be a place where people can try to be creative in a different way and provide space to try a new hobby. They highlight three things they mean are important for the association.

The social, the fact that people get to explore their creative side, and that you can have a fun hobby that does not cost too much, are three things that are important to us, says Victor.

The last few weeks has been very positive for the association. They have recently become finalists in this year's innovators at UiO, where the winner is chosen at the start of the semester. At the same time, they have also received funding from the student imitative grant, which has given them the opportunity to order a 3D printer, among other things, which will open up more opportunities.

- We have ordered a 3D printer with the funds we were allocated. I have done a bit of 3D printing before and it has been very fun, and it will give us many more choices if we make the figures by ourselves, says Jostein.

- A 3D printer will also be much more economical in the long run. A set of figures in the shop can cost as much as NOK 1,000. If we print the figures we want ourselves, we can get much bigger and better figures much cheaper, says Victor.

Recently, the association has gained several new members. Today, the association has 19 members, but they hope to grow even bigger at the start of the semester and during the association days.

- I really like when people discover this and get it as a new hobby, even though they have not done anything creative before. Many people find out that it is very simple. It's almost coloring, just three-dimensional. As long as you are patient and have the right equipment, it will go very well, says Victor.

Jostein says that most people who join the painting evenings for the first time think that it is very difficult, only to be surprised at what they achieve and how easy it is.

It is very fun to see how satisfied everyone is. Everyone who has participated has come up with very good results on the painting, even if they are a little impatient, says Victor.

At the start of the semester, the association plans to start up again with painting evenings, and hopes to see more new faces soon. They warmly welcome everyone, regardless of painting experience.

- It is open to attend our meetings, even if you are not a member. We have a big painting evening at the beginning of every semester, where we put extra emphasis on advertising to new members. We now plan to have this painting evening this at the end of August, after the association days, says Jostein.

If you want to become a member of Lilleputtenes maleforening or read more, check out their Facebook-page or Instagram-account.