The best news this fall: A lot of applications for social events are being sent our way.

And right now we need some extra time to go through all of your applications!

I am happy to say we are receiving a lot of social event applications these days! The group of students working with the Student Initiative Grant are constantly expanding due to increasing application volume. Right now, our inbox is very full of quality applications, and we work as thorough as we can to process these. We find ourselves having to adjust the processing time up to 10 working days, and thank you for your understanding. Good things come to those who wait!
-Kjersti Aabrekk, project manager for the Student Initiative Grant

We encourage students, colloquium groups, associations and educational institutions in Oslo, Kjeller and Sandvika to apply for economic support towards social events for students. The purpose is to create social meeting places - and it can take several different forms: barbecuing in the park, hiking in the woods or a rebus-run/walk in the city. 

We have collected some suggestions for social events in our bank of ideas, or you can check approved applications. Only the imagination sets limits - apply for support here! You will find criterias in the application form. You can also apply for money to pay for positions that will work on larger events or projects. The positions must be advertised on SiO's website.

As the main contact person, you will be responsible for the application, and responsible for reporting when the project is completed to ensure that the economic support is used in a responsible manner. The funds must be used by the end of 2021. 

For the application we need: 

  • Contact information: name, telephone number and e-mail. 
  • Information about the applicant / association: name, organization number, account information. 
  • Information about the costs: costs for equipment, implementation and salary. 
  • Attachments: budget, project plan and any application letter with additional information. 


  • The funds can only be used towards specific activities for students, with the coordination of students. 
  • The measures must be inclusive, and must reach students.
  • The activities must take place in accordance to the current infection control measures at the time of the activity .
  • The funds must be used in 2021 .
  • Salary funds must go to implementing specific social measures, or contribute to the measures reaching the students. 
  • There is a documentation obligation for all costs and expenses. 
  • All approved applications must be reported. Money that is not used in accordance with the application must be returned. If these are to be reallocated, this must be clarified.


You will receive an answer by e-mail, and what the next steps will look like.

We will give you a response to the application within three working days for small amounts, and up to ten working days for large amounts. Depending on the type of application, the estimated case processing time is up to 10 working days.

Employment through student associations 

Students who are hired through the project under the auspices of associations can be paid in two ways: 

1. Students who are paid up to NOK 10,000 are paid directly by the association, who will receive support corresponding to the amount the association has been granted. Note that an association can pay a maximum of NOK 10,000 tax-free a year to one person. If the association exceeds this amount, this must be reported to the tax authorities. 

2. Students who are paid more than NOK 10,000 must be employed in SiO. 

Employment through educational institutions 

Students who are hired through projects under the auspices of the educational institutions are paid directly by the educational institution. SiO will transfer the grant amount directly to the educational institution. 

The positions are paid with a specific hourly wage of NOK 195 per hour.

Do you have questions? Check our q&a, or get in touch with us.