Approved applications

Here you will find an overview of some of the approved applications. 


The SiO Bolig hosts arranged barbecues for the students at the student village.

Hike to Galdhøpiggen

OSI Friluft has received funding for a trip to Galdhøpiggen. Have a good one! 

Get on board!

The students in the second and third year at Kristiania University College have received support to arrange boat trips. 

Laser tag

The students in orthopedic engineering education at OsloMet improve the cohesion in the class through a round Laser tag.

New team jersey

100 new team jerseys can now be used by students at NIH. These can be used by current and coming students. 

Trip to Snøhetta

The SiO Bolig hosts took the students on a weekend trip to Dovrefjell and Snøhetta.

Summer water war

The students' activity group arranged a friendly water war with over 60 students at Sognsvann.

Outdoor cinema

In September, SiO invited to an outdoor cinema at Kringsjå student town.

Boat trip

Oslo Tekinker Samfund took the students at Ingeniør, Teknologi og Data at OsloMet on a boat trip with SS Lady Mack.

Reuse festival 

A reuse festival was arranged at Kringsjå student village. The students could come and pick up used furniture, games, bicycles and sports equipment, among other things, completely free of charge.

Psychology students' courses and support groups 

The psychology students will complete individual therapy, support groups and courses. They want to ensure that students have access to the information needed, and access-tools to get started with their social lives as students.

Volleyball and Olympics

Volleyball and Olympic Games event by NIHI at NIH, and support for the purchase of food, snacks and equipment.

Take care-project

Courses at MF University College with a focus on mental health, study techniques, motivational measures and writing seminars.

Building bridges

"Building bridges" will create events and meeting points between Norwegian and international students through trips, with a focus on culture and Oslo's history, culture week, food festival and coffee hour.

Intro campus

Support to cover part of event costs towards an untraditional intro-week at Kristiania University College.


Atlantis medical collage has received support to host the intro week (fadderuka) for new students. 

Sami election after party

Saemien Studeenth Oslovisnie has received funds to arrange a Sami election after party.

Summer job

Hiring a project manager and social entrepreneurs for a summer job for the Student Initiative Grant. 

Graphic designer

Hiring graphic designer at UtIH/ Students Ask.


Students at BI have received support for a private cinema screening at ODEON for students at BI.


Hiring translators at UtIH/ Students Ask.


Hiring students to make animated films, with support from the SiO Marketing department and SiO Health.

Duo PT

SiO Athletica is giving out PT sessions with a friend.

SiO ambassadors 

Hiring SiO ambassadors who will make new social meeting places visible to students.

Beginning of summer

Singing in the woods is arranging "beginning of summer" with a BBQ.

Beginning of summer 

Creative Industries Management w/ BISO is arranging "beginning of summer".

Speed friending 

Get to know new fellow students through digital speed friending. Experience indicates that sixty percent of the participants meet again shortly after they have participated in speedfriending!

Student hosts

Student hosts are employed through SiO Housing to contribute to activity in the various student cities. They will arrange low-threshold social services to make it easier for those who live in student housing to get to know their neighbors.

Event hosts

Malthe and Nicolai are employed as event hosts, and they will create social meeting places and events for students - now digitally.

Student hosts

Student hosts will facilitate activities under the auspices of SiO Food and Beverage, at our restaurants, out on the student towns and other places where it is appropriate. Examples of events can be a bonfire panel lunch, a walk in the woods with a lunch kit and social happenings at restaurants.

Lottery distribution 

Students can win a lunch for themselves and a friend! The initiative has been started by SiO Food and Beverage.

Exam Boost 

Students are given goodie bags, food and drinks at the various campuses, as an exam boost! This is arranged by SiO Food and Beverage. 

Group lessons 

Outdoor classes are open to all students in Oslo and the surrounding area. SiO Athletica arranges a number of different classes to suit all students!

Second-hand market 

Everyone likes a flea market, and good bargains - a perfect break from everyday study. The purpose is that students can meet and do something nice together. The market will be arranged after the start of next semester, depending on the corona situation.

Spring break with new friends 

The Welfare Parliament is implementing "spring semester with new friends".


Creative students will be hired to make animated films with the theme «mental health». The team of students will be supervised by SiO Health and the marketing department in SiO.

Social coordinator

A student will be hired to work as a social coordinator. The measure is from Atlantis MH.

Activity points

Activity points, or "Trimpoeng" is a competition where you collect points on selected trips to Oslo. Download the app '' Trimpoeng '', where you sign up for competitions. You can find hiking destinations and activities nearby that give points. SiO distributes prizes towards further activity.

Plant boxes

Residents at Vestgrensa student town and SiO Housing have applied for plant boxes and salaries for maintenance.

Extreme sports at an extremely low level

An initiative arranged by the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences where nice and exciting local trips will be arranged in the area surrounding the school by Sognsvann.

71 degrees north

An event for students at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, which aims to make it easier to get to know other students across fields of study and year.

Social event for students

The student board at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences has applied for support towards a social event for students who began their studies in the autumn of 2020.

Social event for a math class

A social gathering for the mathematics class at NLA Oslo.

End of semester social event

A social event to celebrate the summer for the Music students at NLA Oslo.

First board meeting

Support towards arranging the first board meeting at MMO (medicine's mental health information)

Movie screening

Received economic support to buy snacks and drinks for a film screening at the Norwegian Sports Academy. 


Economic support towards workshop at MMO (medicines' mental health information)


BBQ for members and recruitment of new ones at Saemien Studeenth Oslovisnie.

"The great battle"

Competitions across the classes to get to know each other through volleyball and cannonball by NIHI at the Norwegian Sports Academy.

Soccer group

Purchases towards footballs, vests and goals. 


Questionnaire regarding future social events - prizes for high participation, by MMO (medicines' mental health information).

End of summer

Purchase of food, drinks and snacks for SOS Children's Villages student group at UiO.

May 17th breakfast 

The student organization SiO wants to give the students in Oslo a memorable May 17 celebration. Join the May 17 breakfast at Sognsvann!

Pizza gathering

Gathering students for pizza in the field of music at NLA Oslo, music department.

Coffee & Meet 

The initiative from SiO Food and Beverage is to give the students a break from everyday life, spread joy and wish them good luck on the exam. The measure applies to all open restaurants and pop ups at the student cities, UiO and OsloMet.