Assassin games 

Norway's largest water toy-gun competition?

Assassin games is probably Norway's largest water toy-gun competition. The main goal is to avoid being struck by the water by your opponents. The goal is to be the last one standing after four weeks of the Assasin games. Arvin Farahmand is one of the organizers. He encourages students in Oslo to arrange their own version of the games and host creative competitions.

There are five organizers behind the competition "Assassin games": Ida Ljøgodt Von Hanno, Jasmeen Barmen, Linn Holst-Dyrnes, Jegan Kanganathan and Arvin Farahmand. Arvin says the idea was brought to light during a social gathering during an evening in 2019.

- A friend told us about the time she participated in a water toy-gun game whilst she was on exchange in USA. 

The group instantly liked the though of a similar competition in Trondheim, and agreed to further explore the opportunity. 

- The games are Corona-friendly because people can keep their distance while being social and playful. 

Dreams do come true, and the planning of the event began. Arvin and the other organizers made an application form where 50 people could enter the games. They contacted potential sponsors to fund the purchase of water toy-guns, prepared prizes and gathered information about the participants. 

- Participants were asked to share information about where the hang out during their everyday life; their preferred local store, which faculty they belonged to and which gym they went to. Says Arvin.

The competition would last for a maximum of four weeks. Each participant received their own "prey" which was to be eliminated, one by one. This went on until there was one last person standing.

- You get your own "assassin name" and a picture of yourself on our Instagram profile. We make up a background story about the participants, and a tombstone with words of remembrance for the participants who had fallen. This is obviosly all made up to make the games more fun, says Arvin. 

Arvin shares some of the creative inventions they have seen during the games: 

- A group of participants dressed in solid black suits. They "ganged up" against a "victim" who was going to a ball. He was wearing a nice suit when he was struck by the water of a water toy-gun. The Assasin crowd celebrated on the midst of a traffic light in the city center of Trondheim. This episode defintely got a lot of attention from the rest of the public.

The organizers are happy with the level of dedication and strong efforts by the participants. Some dressed up as construction workers to get closer to their "prey". Others waited for several hours outside colloquium rooms to be able to eliminate their prey.

The September Assassin games in Trondheim are being held at this very moment. This is the second time, and there are twice as many participants compared to last time. The competition has attracted a lot attention in the city.

- As the participants tell their group of friends about the event- that's when the rumors about the games spreads. The competition is visible, both in public and on campus. You do not observe grown ups with water toy-guns every day, says Arvin.

Do you want to arrange your own round of Assassin games with fellow students in Oslo? Apply for funding from the Student Initiative Grant  and contact @ag.trondheim on instagram to get access to rules, graphics and templates.