Association get-away

Number of employees on the project: 

  • 1 project manager (12.5 hours) 
  • 1 project employee (12.5 hours) 

Do you want to arrange an "association get-away" for your association? This is for you who want to apply for support for a project with paid positions. Adjust the application amount according to the size of the project. This event can not be part of the association's normal operation in 2021. 

You can fill out the application form to apply for support for salary funds for planning and implementation of the event, as well as other event costs. There is a fixed hourly wage of NOK 195. 

  • Planning the event is up to the organizer. The project manager can plan the activities before the implementation starts, or spend a few hours before the event to plan the project employee's tasks. 
  • You can apply for support for equipment and props. 
  • Remember to include time for up / down rigging, as well as reporting and evaluation of the event. 


  • Day trip to the a cottage and shared dinner. See DNT if you want to hire a cabin, or check if your place of study has got available cabins.
  • Island hopping in the Oslo Fjord. 
  • 71-grader nord mini version. 
  • Farmen mini-version. 
  • Amazing race mini version. 

There is a duty to document all expenses, and the funds that are not used in accordance with the application must be returned. If these are to be reallocated, this must be clarified. 

The funds cannot go to the purchase of alcohol and other drugs. The proposals are indicative, and the time perspective, dates and amounts can be adjusted if needed.