Bouncy castle and freshman week

The Norwegian Sports Academy (NIH) has applied for support for events during the sponsorship week through the Student initiative grant. Now, there will be both a bouncy castle and a bungee run for the students, which will begin this autumn. Responsible for the sponsorship week at NIH are Veronica Søgaard and Espen Næss. Espen himself is a student and is working on a bachelor's degree in the coaching role and sports psychology. As a third-year student, he looks forward to giving the new students a good start through the sponsorship week. We talked to him to hear more about the plans.

Espen Næss
Espen Næss

Why did you apply for funding from the Student initiative grant? 
- We applied for funding to get the best possible sponsorship week for the new students. Now they will have fun and get to know each other through bouncy castle obstacle course and bungee run. 

How did you come to apply for support for the bouncy castle obstacle course and bungee run?
- We were encouraged by an advisor to apply for funding for sponsorship week. Then we wanted to apply for something we have never seen or heard before at the NIH. Then came the idea of ​​a bouncy castle and we started to check out the possibilities. But bouncy castles alone were not enough, we also wanted to make obstacle course and bungee run. It's fun because it both awakens a competitive instinct, and it also awakens the child in the student. At the same time, this contributes to creating a unity and becoming known.

What exactly are the plans for the bouncy castle obstacle course?
- It should be a 30 meter long bouncy castle that you do not climb up in, but you should run past various obstacles. There are two tracks in the bouncy castle, and a competition to get through the obstacle course in the fastest possible time.

And what about the bungee run - how does it work?
- Bungee run also consists of two courses so you can compete against each other. You get an elastic rope fastened around the waist and then it's about putting a basketball in a basket. Then the elastic will work against you!

Over to the application process - did it take a long time to apply and get an answer?
- No, we did not spend much time on the application. It was easy to fill out the application on the website. When applying for payroll, you must of course have an idea of ​​how much you should work. When we applied we thought it would take at least a week, as it was a fairly extensive project. But it only took two days to get an answer.

What do you think about this award from Stortinget? What does it really mean for students?
- I think it's very important. The Student initiative grant has not only given us funding for projects for the first week, but also throughout the semester. It is fantastic that we get the opportunity to get the small financial contribution we need to do the little extra for the students in Oslo. This will create unity between students and the projects the funds support will have great value for a long time to come.

What do you have to say to those who sit on the fence and are unsure whether they should apply for funding or not?
- Just apply! We have not yet received a single rejection. It is wise to have a good plan. The institutions, student boards and parliaments make it smart to talk to each other if you are unsure whether you can apply for, for example, a bouncy castle. One must dare to ask. NIH has received good follow-up, and the best tip I can give is simply to try and apply.

We have to talk a little more about the competition in the obstacle course and bungee run. How is the competitive instinct at NIH?
- Very high. I remember from last year's sponsor week how everyone went in with maximum effort in all tournaments, this year it will be even more fun with bouncy castles and bungee run as well. Competitions like this create unity and commitment among the students which I think is very important.

Do you expect any injuries?
- There is always a risk of that when there is a competition. But at NHI we fortunately have many coaches who work in sports who knows what to do if you step over or fall.

What have you as organizers tried to put extra emphasis on when you have planned this year's sponsorship week?
- We had a very good week last year, even though it was in the middle of a difficult time pandemic. We were one of the few schools who were allowed to complete without any cancellations. This year we have the opportunity to think bigger, since we assume that society is more open. We have had great success at NIH, and we managed to keep the cohorts.

What do you think the participants will be left with?
- I hope they can say that sponsorship week is one of the most fun they have done in their entire lives. It should be a really good memory for live, and it is important that it happens within a framework that feels safe. We want to make a sponsor week so that everyone feels welcome.

Do you think you will set a record on the slopes?
- I will definitely try it - I will be the first to try the trails so that I can at least set a record.

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