Getting into christmas spirit at Kringsjå

In a cold and snowy December afternoon and many people showed up at Kringsjå student town to get in the Christmas spirit. 

It is the first of December and the time is five minutes to four. Kringsjå student village has invited to a Christmas tree lighting at four o'clock. A small open area is filled with people of all ages. One can spot adults, teenagers and children with red Santa hats.

Oh, christmas tree

The time has come, and the lights on the green, tall Christmas tree are lit. The crowd is cheering while Oslo Medical Girls' Choir start chiming bells, before they perform an acapella version of "God jul igjen" (Translated to english: Merry Christmas again) by the Norwegian band NO.4.

The audience sways to the music, while the choir sings: "Merry Christmas grumpy neighbour, merry Christmas old friend, merry Christmas everyone, merry Christmas again!" No one in the crowd seems like a grumpy neighbour, and it looks like everyone is having a good time.

Some look a little cold, fortunately the student town offers delicious, hot, mulled wine as well as gingerbread and nuts. There is a pleasant atmosphere at Kringsjå. 

In clusters around the Christimas three, people are snacking on Christmas candy, while others take pictures and pose in front of the tree. The countdown to Christmas has begun, both for grumpy neighbours and old friends.