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Ask us your questions by e-mail, You can expect to receive an answer to your inquiries within a week. The students who work in the project are part-time workers, full-time students, and therefore the processing time is a little longer than we would like ..

Kjersti Aabrekk
Project manager

Vilde Sollien 
Communication advisor and press contact

Ruwayda A. Mohamed
Sub-project manager for "Semester with new friends"

Ane Stavnes Borochstein

Sub-project manager for "Oslo as a student city"

Selma Dahl

Employee in the sub-project "Student volunteerism"

Contact "Student volunteerism grant at

Jenny Theisen

Sub-project manager for the "Activity group"

Fabian Gullerud Kaufmann

Sub-project manager for "The Students' SiO"