Long live spontaneity!

At Oslo Culture Night the doors to Oslo's cultural life are opened. It happens one friday a year and this time it fell on the Friday before the reopening. All events are free and based on the first-come, first-served principle. This means you do not always know which events you will be able to attend or what artistic impressions the evening brings. If you go to Culture Night with an open mind, it can be both memorable and nice - even though it might not go as you planned.

One of the participants at Culture night was PHD student Adeel, he was waiting for the group he had agreed to go with. One by one they appeared: Kuba, Genís and Rebeka. The group got asked where they had met and it was not easy to answer:

Adeel had met the whole group on a trip to the Kisefoss Museum earlier that month.

- I think Kuba and I met on a boat trip this summer and Genís and I were added to a Facebook group for international students when we were granted a place at the university. We started talking online before we left for Oslo, Rebeka explained. 

Rebeka is taking her master's degree at the University of Oslo. She herself is from Slovenia. Despite having been in Norway for a short period, she has managed to form a large network. Much of this is due to the fact that she has become acquainted with many through SiO's events.

I was afraid it would be sad to study in Norway because of the weather. But this is by far the best place I have been to. These free events should be an annual thing, she praised on the way to Kulturnatta's first stop: Tøyen Fil & Klafferi.

A hidden and normally closed place. Unfortunately, due to Corona restrictions, the venue did not have room for more visitors, and the group had to find a new place to go. 

However, this did not evoke a bad mood. Route 37 led the way to Youngstorget. The next stop was Hausmania in Møllergata, The Blitz House promised a DJ.

But first the group made a pit stop at Oslo Streetfood. Here, their friend Sumeyye worked, she was also an acquaintance from previous SiO events.

- Do you want dumplings? She asked, smiling from one of the food stalls.

A few minutes later, steaming, fresh vegan dumplings were served. The group said thanks for the meal and then took the trip further.

- He meets a lot of people. So many, that he does not remember their names

Destination Hausmania was at last reached. The place offered picture-friendly graffiti-colored walls and a sight of two people dancing on the second floor. The main attraction, the DJ, stayed on the top and third floor, unfortunately, he told that show start was not until about an hour.

Once again they hit a roadblock. So what do you do to make time pass by? Buy more food! They left to Mathallen at Vulkan, and gnocchi, burger and cheese sandwiches were eaten.

- I met someone who told me they know you, Genís told Kuba.
- He meets a lot of people. So many, that he does not remember their names! Rebekka replied and laughed.

Kuba has made good use of the Student Initiative grant's offers. Both bowling, rush trampoline park, a trip to the cinema and Snø ski hall is some of the things he has managed to test, after starting his exchange period in early August.

- I knew exchange would be social, but through these events you meet new people all the time, it's almost too much! Kuba explained.

- You cannot complain about something this good! Rebekka answered. 

- No, no, I'm not complaining, Kuba assured.

A hope for normal conditions

With their stomachs filled with goodness, the group decided their next stop: The Sami house, where they offered a crossover evning between Sami traditional joik and french culture.

Along the way, the last member of the group showed up, Tara Magdalena, who had just finished work. Tara is from Oslo, but has been eager to socialize. She has participated in many SiO events, and met many new friends in a short period of time.

I live in student housing and all my roommates had to leave in March 2020 because they were international students. I have met many people lately and been introduced to many cultures. If you study languages, you should go to these events, she explained.

When the Sami House was reached, it was getting late. Once again they hit a roadblock. At the door they were informed that the event had reached maximum capacity.

For different reasons, it was decided to go to Akershus Fortress instead.

Oslo was looking beautiful. The sun beamed it pink colours in the sky. Laughter, large groups of people and the last remnants of the summer heat filled the early autumn evening. You could sense a particular feeling. A feeling of things getting back to normal.

Culture night may not have been like they expected it to be. Nevertheless, it can be said that there are good experiences to be found both at Oslo street food, At the old fortress and in walking at dusk in a lovely early autumn evening.

This evening taught us: what you are doing is not the most important thing, as long as you are sharing the experience with great company.  

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