Dear employees at educational institutions

Dear employees at educational institutions - what do you dream of for the students?

We have received many good applications that contribute to good social low-threshold offers for students, and we want even more! We are ready to accept applications throughout the summer for events, creation of student positions and activities in connection with the freshman week to expand the offer and include second-year students.

The student organization SiO received the first funding on March 4, 2021, of 20 million. On June 22, 2021, SiO has received an additional 10 million from the Ministry of Education. The latest funding is earmarked for low-threshold offer in the autumn of 2021 for students through student volunteering, freshman weeks and other measures that the students themselves need locally.

We now want the educational institutions to take the opportunity to apply for funding to provide the best possible start to their studies, not only this year's first-year students, but also last year's. By extending the freshman week and including second-year students, those who did not get a proper study start last year can be better integrated into the student community in Oslo, says project manager Kjersti Aabrekk.

We now have a golden opportunity to rebuild the social student community in Oslo, Kjeller and Sandvika. Together we can take responsibility for making the autumn semester as good, safe and social as possible for both the new and old students.

Contact if you have questions about the application process, lack ideas or have questions about implementation. Remember that there is no application deadline, and anyone can apply as long as the activity is for students.

Take advantage of this scheme, and help give student life a push in the right direction so that we can get the rich student life back!

We look forward to seeing your application. Have a good summer!