Discord group

Maybe you are wondering what Discord really is? Or maybe you use this platform on a daily basis? The Student Initiative Grant has created the Discord group, who is going to work with our digital presence. Discord is like a house, where you have several rooms. For example, you have a room dedicated to discussing news and others where you can sit and relax. Discord gives you the opportunity to create a "home" for you and your friends, or a small community - a place where you can talk, hang out and have fun. These special places are called servers! 


  • Server is a collection of voice and voice channels you can become a member of 
  • Voice channels is like a group conversation, where you can go in and out as you like. These are usually divided into categories. There is usually only one in each server 
  • Text channels works as a group chat, where you can talk to each other, send pictures and videos. These also tend to be divided into categories 
  • Stream is when a person shares a screen or a game in a voice channel, where the others participants in the voice channel watch the stream 
  • Hub is a meeting point

What do we use Discord for? 

Discord is mainly used to talk to people in voice channels or chat with others in text channels. Here, the channels are often divided into categories - you can chat about anything such as school assignments, group conversations in a game or a group chat about series. 

After going to discord.com or downloading the Discord application, just follow the steps to create a new user, if you do not already have an existing one. When it comes to usernames, you can choose the username you want, and you can easily change your name at any time. You can do this if you want to change to a new permanent name, or only for a specific server. 

Once you have created a profile, you can find a server you would like to join. This server can be anything from a hub where your friends play games, a network of interested people in a book series you like or the gathering place for fellow students where you can help each other with difficult curriculum. 

What you do at Discord is basically up to you! Whether you just want to talk to friends, play with new people, nerd over the new episode of a show or just share memes. 

With voice channels, you can easily start chatting with friends and communities in no time! There is guidance right below on how to join a chat!

Step 1: Join a voice channel! 

  • Tap a voice channel on the server 

Step 2: Start talking! 

  • If you need to adjust the voice settings, click the gear icon to open the user settings. 

How to join and watch a stream or a screen split:

Step 1: Find a stream 

  • Look for someone with the Live icon 

Step 2: Join the stream

  • Tap the user streaming with the Live icon to join the stream 

Source text: discord.com
(URL: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045138571-Beginner-s-Guide-to-Discord) 

Source photo: @jeffhardi from usplash.com