Shooting star from the very beginning

This autumn, the students at BI started a new association - a dodgeball association. You are be taken straight back to the memories from the gym classes at the primary and secondary school, with games and fun, and a bit of seriousness.

In an old gymnasium at Boltel√łkka school, sounds of laughter, shouts and shoes rubbing against the floor, are heard. It is half past seven in the evening and the association is well underway with the warm-up for today's session. Balls fly through the room, the conversations are loose and free, and music from the speaker carries through the room.

The association started in August, and has already gained 36 members after just one admission. The leader of the association, Nora Olasveen, remembers how much fun it was to play dodgeball in gym class. It was a lot of her motivation to start the association - to get back the good memories from gym classes in primary and secondary school.

We have many good memories of playing dodgeball from school, and it is very fun. So we wanted to start up the association and see if it became popular - and it certainly did, says Nora.

Despite the fact that the association just started up, they have still achieved a lot. Focusing on the social has been something they have been working with since the beginning.

- Most students do not know many people when they move to a new place, so it is very safe to be able to create relationships in this way. In addition to getting physical activity every week. Every month we also try to do something social, so people will get to know each other even better. We have already become a good group after only a few months, and it seems that people enjoy it, says the association leader.

Tournaments in sight

The training for the association has been varied, and recently they have also had sessions at the Rush trampoline park. Even though the students enjoy sessions, it's still not just fun and games. They have also set clear goals that they are working towards.

We want to arrange some dodgeball tournaments soon. We will also participate in SL (Student Games. Editor's note), which we are training up to now, says Nora.

The association grew rapidly, which may offer challenges in the long run. With a small gymnasium and many members, it can be cramped with space.

- If we get a bigger place to be, we may have a larger team. Now we do not have that much space, so that's why we can't have a bigger team now. We have also thought about dividing into boys 'and girls' teams, but I don't think it will be relevant next semester, but maybe again in the autumn. We need to test out a little more and see what works. We also want to get a larger hall first, and see how the turnout will be then, Nora points out.

Early planning

The association was early out with planning, and already this spring, before the association had even begun to recruit members, they submitted an application to the Student Initiative Grant for financial support. The association knew well what they wanted to spend the money on. It should both be used for social activities, but also have a long-term effect.

We have bought equipment, such as dodgeballs, vests and cones, in addition to the fact that we have ordered suits for SL. We have also used the funds to rent the gymnasium and Rush trampoline park. In a few weeks we will also have a Christmas party, says Nora.

Tempted to join the association?

Do you want to wake up the good childhood memories from gym classes with dodgeball? In January, the association will recruit new members.

- We encourage everyone who wants to join the association. There is no physical admission, but it is always okay with some skills from before, and we will recruit both boys and girls. We usually conduct interviews, to hear what their background is, says Nora.

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