Bank of ideas

Seasonal activities

  • Halloween workshop
  • Halloween / costume party
  • Legal apple picking - there are many areas in Oslo that offers apple picking for free
  • Christmas workshop with gingerbread, glühwein and DIY christmas ornaments 
  • Go downhill skiing
  • Arrange a spa day at home 
  • Rent ice skates or go sledding down Korketrekkeren
  • Go on a sleigh ride
  • Arrange a summer-inspired party in the winter


  • Spontaneous dance performance in the center or flash mob
  • Conduct joint training with a sports profile
  • Explore opportunities for water sports activities
  • Awaken the competitive instinct of fellow students through motorsport
  • Yoga by the water
  • Bouldering and climbing in an indoor climbing hall
  •  Rent an outdoor sauna and take a swim


  • Theatre and musicals
  • Karaoke
  • Art exhibition with photographers / museums or artists.
  • Stand-up with comedians and / or students
  • Arrange a painting or photography course
  • Go to a concert
  • Redesign old furniture
  • Arrange a book club
  • Arrange a flea market - with a cafe


Take advantage of the great hiking opportunities whether it is parks, fields or outdoors on campus. 

  • Go for a hike in Marka 
  • Ice fishing and learning about rod, lure, fish and gutting
  • Go on a farm visit 
  • Play frisbee golf at Muselunden, Holmenkollen or Ekeberg
  • Overnight trip in a hammock
  • Go kayaking and canoeing

Food and drinks 

Everyone likes food and drinks! There is a lot you can do for others, and with others. Be creative! 

  • Digital food course (send shopping list in advance) 
  • Masterchef cook-off 
  • Arrange a "Come dine with me" - week 
  • Swedish / Mexican / Indian food stall  
  • Invite a chef to a digital cooking evening

Digital events 

There is a lot you can do digitally and it is easy for people to engage and join your event. Good platforms for holding digital events are Zoom, Teams, Facebook Live etc. 

  • Paint'n sip 
  • Sign-and-guess 
  • Pitch competition. Who has the best idea? 
  • LAN party 
  • Mario-Kart championship


In a jungle of ​​different workshops, you can pick and choose, and these are events that can be carried out both digitally and physically. 

  • Personal finances, share talk and funds 
  • Excel, word and reference tools 
  • Edible plants course 
  • Stress management course
  • Training workshop with a personal trainer