Bank of ideas

We want to inspire you to create social meeting places. Here are some suggestions and ideas for events you students, associations, staff and educational institutions can host. We prioritize applications that create meeting places for students!


Find physical activities that students enjoy. Think about where the activity can be carried out, and that it is possible for anyone to participate, at any level. 


  • Spontaneous dance performance in the center or flash mob
  • Cherry stone spitting championship at Frognerparker
  • Conduct joint training with a sports profile
  • Explore opportunities for water sports activities
  • Awaken the competitive instinct of fellow students through motorsport
  • Yoga by the water
  • Outdoor bouldering course and trip in Østmarka


Do you miss the cultural happenings, or do you want to do something creative? 


  • Theatre
  • Karaoke Lip-sync battle
  • Art exhibition with photographers / museums or artists.
  • Stand-up with comedians and / or students
  • Arrange painting or photography course
  • Concert
  • A three-week course (one evening a week) where you learn about design, and build your own chair


Take advantage of the great hiking opportunities whether it is beaches, parks, fields or outdoors on campus. 


  • Marka hike and grilling 
  • Fishing course learning about rod, lure, fish and gutting 
  • Theme rebus 
  • Swimming in Marka's lakes 
  • Berry / fruit / vegetable picking 
  • Arrange an outdoor cinema 
  • Go on a farm visit 
  • Play frisbee golf at Muselunden, Holmenkollen or Ekeberg

Digital events 

There is a lot you can do digitally and it is easy for people to engage and join your event. Good platforms for holding digital events are Zoom, Teams, Facebook Live etc. 


  • Paint'n sip 
  • Knit and drink 
  • Sign-and-guess 
  • Pitch competition. Who has the best idea? 
  • LAN party 
  • Mario-cart championship

Food and drinks 

Everyone likes food and drinks! There is a lot you can do for others, and with others. Be creative! 


  • Digital food course (send shopping list in advance) 
  • Masterchef cook-off 
  • Eating with strangers 
  • Swedish / Mexican / Indian food stall 
  • Edible plants course 
  • Invite a chef to a digital cooking evening


In a jungle of ​​different workshops, you can pick and choose, and these are events that can be carried out both digitally and physically.


  • Personal finances, share talk and funds 
  • Excel, word and reference tools 
  • Hair talk with a hairdresser about the corona hair-situation 
  • Course and introduction to kayaking
  • Paddle board and garbage collection in the sea, with garbage art competition 
  • Boys' sewing, crochet and knitting club 
  • Gamer girls' hacking night: introduction to hacking / coding / network security (invite for example)

Create a job

Do you want to do something for fellow students, but you do not have the time because you have to work? Or, do not have a summer job, but you would like one? You can now spend your time doing exactly what you like, as long as it creates a social meeting place for students. Apple here!

Project leader + sub project leader
Project leader + sub project leader

Are you looking for a job (eg: 25 working hours)? Do you want to arrange an excursion for your association, beyond normal activities? Read more.

Project leader + sub project leader
Project leader + sub project leader

Are you looking for a job (eg: 75 working hours)? Do you want to arrange activity evenings for your association, beyond the normal activities? Read more.

The Ministry of Education and Research has allocated SiO Associations funds so that you can create your own job! The requirement is that "the funds as a whole shall be used to give as many students as possible access to social services and mental health services". This is a unique opportunity to gain work experience on a CV, either as a project manager or sub project leader. You will also receive a certificate of the completed work. Note that this offer only applies to 2021. Requirements for receiving support can be found here

Think about the following 

  • Which roles do you need to carry out the work? 
  • How many administrative hours does the work require (planning, reporting and evaluation)? 
  • How many completion hours does the work require? (Remember time for up / down rigging.) 
  • How long is the time period for the work (three weeks, two months or five months)? The funds must be used by the end of 2021. 
  • Can you arrange something within your field of interest or study area? Eg .: Design student who arranges drawing courses/ furniture building, or psychology student who arranges painting courses on emotions. 
  • If you enjoy working with a fellow student, we encourage you to apply together.

Tips and advice for implementation 

When the future is uncertain, it can be difficult to make plans, as you do not know what you are allowed to do, what is safe, how many you can gather, etc. It can be nice to think about different scenarios. 

There are no rules on how your event should look like or be carried out, but if you are unsure, you can find inspiration and tips in a selection of digital events that have already been carried out. 

If you plan to gather smaller teams or groups (for example in a quiz), it may be a good idea to organize groups for those who do not know anyone from before. That makes it is easier for new members to join. 

See which applications have been granted.