A glance at our joint effort!

Since March this year, more than 15 million Norwegian kroner have been distributed to low-threshold activities for students. The Student Initiative Grant, together with SiO and the students themselves, has arranged tons of events weekly. Here you go- read about some of what we have done together in recent months!

The students in Oslo have fortunately gained access to social and fun events throughout the autumn semester, before the pandemic once again led to new restrictions.

When the Student Initiative Grant started in March, it was uncertain whether physical events could be held at all, or if a new lockdown would happen. When the country "re-opened" this autumn, it was possible for us to carry out even more events, and with even more participants.

The social aspect of student life is important. We have witnessed great success with both physical and digital events by the students. Being able to gather physically and socialize has been especially important for a lot of students. Therefore, I believe our events have been a positive input in creating available and accessible spaces, says student and project manager Kjersti Aabrekk.

Popular events

Throughout the whole summer and autumn semester, new social activities have been held for the Oslo students every week. In total, more than 1,000 applications from the students themselves have been approved. The funds have supported low-threshold social activities. Together with the Student Initiative Grant, SiO has arranged over 180 events, which have also contributed to creating social meeting places. Students have been able to participate in a rage of evens- from trips to museums and Tusenfryd, to outdoor cinema and water wars. With packed registration lists and the need for waiting lists, we are assured that events have been popular.

It has been crucial to facilitate a range of events to create diverse activities reaching all student groups. It is nice to know how a great number of students have made new friends at these events, and are now groups of friends who gather frequently. It has been important to make sure all students feel comfortable joining us, even though they did not have anyone to go with. This was a great opportunity to get to know others, Kjersti explains.

A range of events

This summer, the Student Initiative Grant established an "activity group", which was the beginning for all our events. The activity group took responsibility for planning and implementing as many events as possible, and the response was positive. The Student Initiative Grant kept pushing for more events to reach even more students.

In the late summer, we established a new sub-project called "Culture group". They were responsible for giving the students access to Oslo's cultural offers. Among several things, they handed out tickets to By:larm and live-podcast with Johan Hveem, held an ABBA-day with karaoke and the "Mamma Mia" show, organized a trip to the newly opened Munch Museum and a cinema day for the students, the project manager says.

Both the "activity group" and the "culture group" arranged popular events. The Student Initiative Grant also wanted to facilitate an offer to students interested in gaming. The "Discord group" saw the day of light, and both physical and digital events were carried out on the Discord-platform. In recent months, the group has held several gaming and movie nights, LAN, and finally a digital event during the World Day for Mental Health. The event was very popular and was well received by the participants.

The Student Initiative Grant has continuously worked for a strengthened social student life and reached as many students as possible. A wide range of events has therefore been an important part of the project for all students to have felt included.

We aimed to reach both Norwegian and international students, and we have had a good attendance of these groups at events. In addition, we have focused on the social element at all events. Our primary focus has been to facilitate events so anyone can participate alone and meet new students, says Kjersti.

Thank you to all initiators and participants for making all events social and including!