A weekend full of gaming

Clear your calendar: the weekend of 26 to 28 November Chateu Neuf (or translated into English: the new castle) opens its doors to a SlottsLAN! (Slott is castle in Norwegian). 

Bring lunch, your PC, headphones, a good mood and a comfortable chair (if you like) and make your way to Chateu Neuf to meet new acquaintances, play cool games and participate in tournaments with good prizes! 

Friday until Sunday 

The last weekend in November, the Student's initiative grant and the sub-project the Discord groupinvite all students to a low-threshold LAN. It all takes place on the Club Stage at Chateu Neuf - withroom for many students eager to play!

The starting shot will be Friday at 6 pm and the LAN will last until Sunday at 12 pm. Come whenever you like and join as long as you wish. It will be possible to play everything from Minecraft to Mario Kart, the choice is yours!

Of course there is no LAN without tournaments! There will be competitions in, among other things, CS: GO, League of Legends and Minecraft. The time for the tournaments is not set yet, but we can already reveal that the prizes will good!

Challenge friends to a competition or arrive by ourself, there will be plenty of opportunities to form new acquaintances!

The tournament program  👾🏰

Please see the tournament program below. You can register for any of these competitions on the day of the event!

> 18:00 | The Lan starts
> 20:00 | Minecraft Building competition starts
> 21:00-21:30 | Registration for League of Legends 2v2 Tournament
> 22:00 | League of Legends 2v2 Tournament start

> 01:00-01:30 | Registration for Overcooked competition
> 02:00 | Overcooked competition starts
> 12:00-12:30 | Registration Smash Tournament
> 13:00 | Smash Tournament starts
> 19:00-19:30 | Registration CS:OG Wingman Tournament
> 20:00 | CS:GO Wingman Tournament starts

> 00:00-00:30 | Registration Mario Kart competition
> 01:00 | Mario Kart competition starts
> 09:00 | Handing out prizes from Minecraft Building competition
> 12:00 | End of Lan

Packing list and registration

If you spend the whole weekend at the new castle, it's smart to think about what you are bringing!
The Discord group has made a packing list which you can find HERE!


To register for the event click HERE!

Join a weekend full of fun, socialization and good vibes! 

See you at slottsLAN! 

Picture credit © Fredrick Tendong