Merry Christmas from the Student Initiative Grant

Before we say thank you and merry Christmas, The Student Initiative Grant would like to thank all students who have contributed to a better student life in Oslo.

When the allocation from the Storting started the project "Student Initiative Grant" in March, the students were without a doubt, ready for social events, activities and new experiences. The interest to apply for funds in order to carry out social activities and offers increased throughout the year. The number of applications from students who wanted to create social events increased after the summer of 2021. It is inspiring to witness the commitment of all applicants - from students, associations, educational institutions or universities. Dedication, passion and solution orientation have led to social events for each and every one, and has strengthened the student life in Oslo! Thanks to all the enthusiastic students. Because of you, co-students have gained access to activity offers and cultural experiences. We have seen how dedication has led to good memories for fellow students, and we have seen how events have given students the opportunity to make new acquaintances and make new friends. With activities and events every week for many months, Oslo students can look back on an eventful year. We are also proud to announce that we have established long-term initiatives that can delight students in the years to come!

Semester with new friends 

In a short period of time, Semester with new friends has established themselves into a routine of connecting students with other students. This initiative has received registrations from well over 400 participants. The great response has led to the initiative being continued after the end of the project, and is an enrichment for the student life! 

Peer Support 

This is an offer where students helps students. A Peer Supporter is a support for students who need someone to talk to, about small and big problems or concerns. The goal of the Peer Support initiative is to create a warmer and more inclusive student life. The offer has been established at the largest universities - and this important offer will be continued. 

Thank you

Before we thank you for an educational and important year, student and project manager Kjersti Aabrekk wants to share a few words from the project period: 

This period and time is a unique and valuable experience to keep in mind - students, employees at educational institutions and the Student Association SiO. It is inspiring to see all the good ideas turn into events. 2021 and this project is proof that there are many enthusiasts among the students in Oslo who are working to create a rich student life. All initiators should pat themselves on the back - together, we have done a great job! With that said, I want to thank you all for this year, and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Thank you - it has been a pleasure to receive creative applications and positive experience reports!

Picture from by @artboardstudio