Picture race - rediscover Oslo 

What exactly is the story behind known and unknown places in Oslo? Do you know the stories that are buried meters away from where you sleep, study or hang out with your friends? Through the Picture race, you can experience new places in Oslo and learn new things about the places you have travelled many times before. Let us tell you about the picture race and give you the feeling of experiencing Oslo for the first time!

Earlier this autumn, students have had the opportunity to navigate themselves from Oslo's largest hipster areas in Grünerløkka, to public transport hubs at Jernbanetorget and further into the financial districts at Barcode.

Here they have discovered new places in the city, learned historical facts and had the opportunity to win prizes within being in a social group.

Oline Martemoen Vasaasen is the subproject manager for the Picture race and says that it has been a success:

After the first picture race, I overheard a group of students who did notknow each other from previous exchange contact information and agreed to meet for a coffee afterwards.

Many students had signed up for The Picture race. They got divided into groups and after, they got an electronic map with all the posts. Then the race began!

Within a given period of time, the goal was to rediscover Oslo and find the charm in the somewhat forgotten treasures in the city whom carry with them a rich history.  

Oline is the project manager for the Picture race
Oline is the project manager for the Picture race

This time, one of the groups that attended the Picture race consisted of the exchange students: Verena, Sophia, Vanessa, Jane and Martina. 

Together, they all began their exchange program in mid-August. Several of them have been eager participants at earlier Student initiative grant events, and several participated at Studentslippet. 

I'm here because it sounds fun and because I get free food, Jane laughs. 

She arrives prepared. After meeting the group, she pulls up sunscreen, a map and a Polaroid camera from her backpack. 

We were told we would get extra points for dressing up as tourists, Jane explains. 

Soon the group poses in front of a mobile camera with sunscreen on the tip of their noses and the big map in front of them. Then it is off to the next stop! 

Quick walk to the tram which leads to the Opera. Here the assignment is to take a picture in front of the She lies-sculpture. The sculputre that is floating on the water in front of the Opera. Again, the ladies poses with the big map and looks like tourists in their own (exchange) city! 

Then Vanessa leads way to the old town and the ruins at The St. Clements Church. Information on the digital map reveals that this is Norway's oldest official cemetery. 

Several of the bodies found here have been buried in strange ways. Historians believe the burial method was a ritual to prevent the living dead and vampires from rising. Because there are many bodies buried in an unorthodox way in this area, archaeologists believe this is a designated resting place for people whom the society feared were not to be only human. 

What a creepy place, Vanessa admits while reading the information aloud. 

She shows eagerness to get moving and on to the next post! On the way, she explains why she chose to sign up for the picture race.

I was a little nervous at first and thought: will I meet someone like me here? But these opportunities are so nice! It is easy to get to know new people and relieve a lot of stress, especially for me as an exchange student. 

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