What can the money be spent on?
Social activities or measures to strengheten the student association or the student organization. See
criteria for more info.

Who can apply for funding?
Associations and other voluntary student organizations in Oslo, Kjeller and Sandvika.

Why can I not, as an individual student, apply for support in 2022 in the same way as in 2021?
The grant letter from the Storting in 2022 comes with different guidelines than in 2021. This results in a different design of the Student Initiative Grant in 2022. The funds this year are intended for student public services and strengthening the students' mental immune system through activities and health services under the auspices of SiO. You can encourage your association, start an association or get involved in other ways. The organization of the project is adapted to ensure the quality of the student offer, ensure sustainable offers and make the funds available to as many students as possible.

Can educational institutions apply for support in 2022 in the same way as in 2021?
No, the educational institutions have received a separate allocation from the Storting. The grant letter from the Storting indicates that the support will strengthen student public services and the students mental immune system.

How is my personal data processed?
We only ask for the name of the applicant, e-mail and telephone number, whether you are a student, and affiliation or association. The data is obtained with the applicant's consent. Only SiO employees who manage the package of measures have access to your data