When is the deadline for reporting?
The deadline for reporting is 4 weeks after the event.

What happens if I lose the receipt for expenses?
If you can not document the use of funds with a receipt, the funds must be returned. Contact the store/ company and ask for a new receipt, and ensure good routines for disbursements. Contact for further questions.

Is the screenshot of a Vipps payment approved documentation?
No, you must show either a scanned version or a picture of the receipt.

Do I still have to submit a reporting form, even if the event was not completed?
You were automatically obliged to report and document the use of the funds in which you were granted your application. This is a prerequisite for your application to be approved. You are obliged to return outstanding funds.

What changes will there be for my report if I have partly spent the funds on binding agreements, but have not been able to complete the event?
Everyone who is granted their application is automatically obliged to report and document the use of the funds. If you as an organizer have already made binding agreements, you will get these covered. In the reporting, you must provide valid documentation. You are obliged to return unused funds.

Can we postpone our event until 2023?
No. The Student Initiative Grant is an allocation from the Storting belonging to 2022.