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1. Reporting

2. Application

3. About the Student Initiative Grant

4. About the funds

5. Peer Support

6. Use of funds

7. End of project

8. Other

1. Reporting

When is the deadline for reporting? 
The deadline was 31/12/2021. If you still have not reported we kindly ask you to send us your complete report to with valid receipts. Get in touch if you have any inquires.

What happens if I lose the receipt for expenses?
If you cannot document your expenses, the funds will have to be reimbursed. Contact the store / company and ask for a new receipt, and ensure good routines for disbursements. Contact for further questions.

How should I report after an event?
See reporting form attached to your application, or click

Is a screenshot of a Vipps payment approved documentation?
No, you need to show either a scanned version or a photo of the receipt.

Am I still obligated to report, even though my event was cancelled?
In the application process, you committed to report and document on the use of funds. In addition, you obligated yourself to return unused grants. This is a precondition for your application's approval.

I have partly spent my funding on binding agreements but not been able to carry out the event. What changes will there be for my reporting?

Everyone who gets their application granted, is automatically obligated to report, and document the use of their funding. If you as an organizer have made binding agreements, you will get these covered. In the reporting, you must state how much you spent with a valid documentation method attached to the report. Furthermore, you are obligated to return unused funds.

Is it possible to postpone our event until 2022?
No. The Student Initiative Grant is an allocation from the Storting belonging to 2021.

When must the money be used?
As soon as possible, no later than 31st of December, 2021.

2. Application 

What could the money go towards?
Social measures for students, by students to the extent possible. If special competence is required for implementation or planning, this can be used. 

Who could apply for funding?
Active students, associations and employees at educational institutions. 

How much money were SiO granted?
Close to 15.3 million kr has been allocated from the Storting for low-threshold social activities for students, and approximately 13.4 million kr was given as salaries for students. 2.15 million kr were set aside for mental health services - 30.83 million kr in total. 

Could employees at universities apply for funding?
Yes, if the event is for students. Furthermore, universities and employees at universities can still apply for funding from the pot of "salary funds" to make student positions for active students, as long as they contribute to social low-threshold services.

3. About the Student Initiative Grant

Who is working with this project?
The project is by and for students. Students in the Student Initiative grant are to handle the application and funds to make sure there are distributed by the terms and conditions from the Storting. The students come from a range of different educational institutions in Oslo. 

Who has been handling the applications and decided how the funds were distributed?
The students themselves have sent their applications. The project group consists of students employed at the student association SiO and has been responsible for handling applications and distribution of funds. 

4. About the funds 

Could the salary funds go to student positions? 
Yes, the money could go to salaries for students for the implementation and / or planning of specific events for and for students. The salary funds could not go to employees at educational institutions who are not students. 

Could the money go to "open funds"?

Could the money be spent on alcohol and tobacco/drugs?

5. Peer Support 

How can I contact a Peer Supporter at my place of study?
You may can contact Peer Support via their Facebook page
Peer support Oslo

Do Peer Supporters have a duty of confidentiality?
Yes, they have a duty of confidentiality, but also a duty to report if there is a danger to life and health. Do you have questions about Peer Support, or want to become a Peer Supporter? Feel free to contact us:

How can I become a Peer Supporter? 
Contact us at

6. Use of the funds

What has the money been spent on?
Divided into two separate allocations, the Storting has granted students a total of 30.83 million kr to promote social low-threshold services, improve the mental health service and create student positions under the auspices of the student organization SiO. 

The grant has now benefited the social student life: The activity funds have been distributed to students who have applied for funding in order to put their desired initiative into action and create social low-threshold services and activities. The mental health services for other students in Oslo, Kjeller and Sandvika have been strengthened. 249 student jobs have been created. 

How was the distribution between the educational institutions?
The purpose of the grant was to provide as any students attainable, access to social services and mental health services. The funds were also intended for students who are not members of a student organizations. The Student Initiative Grant has received applications from 19 different educational institutions. With almost 1000 approved applications in total, it has been important for the Project group to ensure a balanced distribution of activity- and salary funds, but also reach out to students and universities as widely as possible. 

Why have so many applications with short-term measures been approved? 
The guidelines from the Storting were clear about their two allocations - they shall be used as promptly as possible. The Project group has focused on granting a variety of applications - both for small and large events - to reach as many students as possible. 

It has been desirable that the 'Activity funds' facilitate for activities beyond the year 2021. We have encouraged associations, educational institutions and SiO's service areas to take advantage of the opportunity and apply for funding for investment needs of theirs, support for establishments or further development of new projects. 

The Project group has had a close dialoge with a 'reference group' consisting of representatives from close to all educational institutions in Oslo, Kjeller and Sandvika. Additionally, the Project group has purposefully worked with associations, SiO's service areas and the active students. Our intention has been to reach the relevant stakeholders, assist and encourage measures with long-term effects, in order to secure and anchor the distributions, yet also enable granting initiatives with long-term potential. 

What long-term effects are expected from the funding the Student Grant Initiative has received and allocated to students in Oslo? 
The guidelines from the Storting were clear about the grants - they shall be used as promptly as possible. We do know that students have made new friends, experiences and a strengthened the social student community in the Oslo area during the Covid-19 period. 

Priorities of applications: Why have people had their applications rejected?
The 'activity funds' have been distributed because of a tremendous number of students, associations and educational institutions that have applied for the grant, and this pot specifically. 

Why has the money been handed out before the end of the semester? 
The Storting encouraged in their two allocation letters to use the grants as promptly as possible. The reasoning was the "boost social threshold services" and "improve a mental health service" at SiO. The grant was requested to be "implemented quickly and reach out to the students". The Student Initiative Gran is a temporary project and funds will be spent by the end of 2021. Due to the temporary nature of the project, it was important to get it started as soon as possible. 

Why did you not close the application form earlier? 
The Storting's allocation letters clearly stated that the funds should be used as soon as possible. By closing the application portal before the funds were completely allocated, we would consequently risk to not receive enough applications for the remaining funds. 

Our focus has been on ensuring that students at all educational institutions in Oslo had access to social low-threshold services that were as extensive as possible. Therefore, it was never natural for us to close the application portal whist there was still funds left to allocate. 

7. The end of the project and activities

When will the Student Initiative Grant finish?  
The project itself will completed its planning at the end of the year 2021, and reporting will be handled in the beginning of 2022. However, several of the established measures will be discussed to be continued by SiO. This applies to the pilot project 'Discord group', the mental health service 'Peer Support' and the success 'Semester with new friends'. 

How will established activities be continued?
SiO will have a dialoge about which and how student initiatives are to be continued. 

When will the project report be finalized?  
The project report itself shall be submitted by 10 May, yet most of the content will be documented and completed by the end of January. 

How has the Student Initiative Grant informed everyone concerned that the project is coming to an end? 
Our communication goals include transparency about the distribution of funds for social activities and salaries. Additionally, ensuring visibility of these reports along the way. Preferably, our updates have been shared and communicated via this website - the Student Initiative Grant's own website. 

The project is by and for students. Hence, it has been natural with a focus on openness and updating the students themselves during the whole process. When the final allocation from the activity funds was issued in the end of October 2021, the news was published on the website for the students to read, as soon as possible. 

We have also conducted continuous meetings with the 'reference group'. This is a representative from each institution given the responsibility of reporting on the Students Initiative Grant measures, services and initiatives back to their institution - but also providing feedback to us in the Students Initiative Grant. 

What will happen now that the activity funds have been distributed?
The project is now entering a new transition phase, with both reporting and termination fo the project period within a satisfying manner. At the same time, some services are discussed to be maintained.  

Activities that already are planned will of course take place and shall be advertised in advance, so everyone are given the same opportunity to participate. Like before, some events will be documented and can be read afterwards on our website. 

It is still possible to apply for 'salary funds'. Beyond this, it is not possible to apply for activity funds anymore, but we encourage you to participate in what will be arranged. 

What will happen to the Student Initiative Grant when the project is finalized at the end of the year?  
The work ahead will involve looking at the innovative measures the students have established within the project and establish a dialoge about witch of these to continue. SiO's main task will be to incorporate the student's own initiatives from the project period and strengthen the overall student services into 2022 with some of these. 

Can I apply for money elsewhere?

It is possible to apply for salary funding to create student job positions. Here, you can create your own position in exchange for helping to create social meeting places for students in Oslo and the surrounding area. The intention behind this grant from the Storting is that the paid students must contribute to social services being implemented quickly and reaching out to the students. It is a requirement that you are an active student. 

8. Other

How is my personal data processed?
We only ask for the name of the applicant, e-mail and telephone number, whether you are an employee or student, and affiliation / educational institution. The data is stored for 365 days and is collected with the applicant's consent. Only SiO employees who manage the "Student Initiative Grant" have access to your data.

How does the project group ensure diversity of approved applications?
The project group consists of students who look holistically at the applications, and make sure to approve applications from students, associations and educational institutions/ employees. 

Do you have other questions? 
Feel free to contact us at