Questions & answers


What can the money go towards?
Social measures for students, by students to the extent possible. If special competence is required for implementation or planning, this can be used. 

Who can apply for funding?
Active students, associations and employees at educational institutions. 

When will I receive an answer to my application?
There is up to 10 working days processing time on all applications.

How much money have SiO been granted?
5.2 million has been allocated from the Ministry of Education and Research for low-threshold social services for students and 13.4 million for salaries for students - 18.6 million in total. 

Who processes the application?
The project group for the "Student Initiative Grant", consisting of students who are
 employed at the student association SiO.

Can employees at universities and universities apply for funding?
Yes, if the event is for students.

Is there a requirement for how many people should participate?
There is no lower requirement, but the event must be available to students.

Activities and events 

When do we have to hold events?
It is desirable to carry out the event as soon as possible, but it must take place during 2021.

How should I report after an event?
See reporting form attached to

About the funds 

Can the money go to salaries? 
Yes, the money can go to salaries for students for the implementation and / or planning of specific events for and for students. The salary funds cannot go to employees at educational institutions. 

Can the money go to "open funds"?

Can the money be spent on alcohol and tobacco?

What happens if I lose the receipt for expenses?
You will only be reimbursed for expenses when you submit a receipt. Contact the store / company and ask for a new receipt, and ensure good routines for disbursements. Contact for further questions. 

When must the money be used?
As soon as possible, no later than 31 December 2021. 

How much money can I apply for?
You can apply for as much support as needed to carry out a specific event for students. It can be anything from NOK 500 to NOK 100,000.

Is there an upper limit on gift cards and prizes?
Yes, NOK 10,000 is the upper limit. 

Can you apply several times?
Yes. Previous measures must be reported before new funds can be applied for. 

What happens if my event has to be canceled?
You will still receive support to cover the costs you as an organizer have committed to. Contact us to clarify what to do with the funds that are not used at

What happens if we do not use all the funds we have been allocated?
You can apply for reallocation of funds already granted. Contact to apply to use the funds for a new social event or initiative. If no reallocation is applied for, the funds must be repaid.

Peer Support 

How can I contact a Peer Supporter at my place of study?
Contact point for talking to a Peer Supporter is coming soon. 

Do Peer Supporters have a duty of confidentiality?
Yes, they have a duty of confidentiality, but also a duty to report if there is a danger to life and health. Do you have questions about Peer Support, or want to become a Peer Supporter? Feel free to contact us:


How is my personal data processed?
We only ask for the name of the applicant, e-mail and telephone number, whether you are an employee or student, and affiliation / educational institution. The data is stored for 365 days and is collected with the applicant's consent. Only SiO employees who manage the "Student Initiative Grant" have access to your data.

How do we make events and happenings visible to students? 
The project group will help you share your event on our website and add your event to our activity calendar. Get in touch with

How does the project group ensure diversity of approved applications?
The project group consists of students who look holistically at the applications, and make sure to approve applications from students, associations and educational institutions/ employees. 

How will the project team ensure that students, associations and educational institutions are engaged enough to apply?
The project group makes an ongoing assessment of the number of applications and the quality of these, and puts in the necessary measures to make sure we distribute the measures given from the ministry of education and research. The project group is also concerned with maintaining effective case processing, and sharing experiences from students and others who have already completed events. 

Do you have other questions? 
Feel free to contact us at