Reuse festival

For students and the environment

A thrifting festival was arranged at Kringsjå student town on the 14th and 15th of August to the benefit of both the students and the environment. Hundreds of students showed up to collect everything from chests of drawers and bicycles, to books and board games.

The thrifting festival was organized by the student association SiO, where sustainability was the main focus throughout the weekend.

- We focus on doing what we can to contribute for a good environment and sustainable consumption. By ensuring that used furniture and equipment benefits new students, we are doing something positive for the environment while also benefiting the students. The thrifting festival boosts new life to used furniture and equipment, says Andreas B. Eskelund, CEO of SiO.

Fix and repair

In addition to free furniture, kitchen utensils and books, SiO had also collected sports equipment and bicycles. Students could collect a free bike that only needed some love and care. SiO provided bicycle pumps, oil for the chains and basic tools, so the students could fix the bicycle before they brought it home.

Not only that, ''Fremtiden i våre hender'' was at Kringsjå with their very own fixing tent, where students could get help to redesign, upgrade and fix things they found at the thrifting festival or things they had brought from home. In the fixing tent, they had tools, paint, needles and thread, among other things. Endless possibilities!

- We in the FIVH Oslo student team are very happy that we got to be part of the reuse festival for SiO. It is more important than ever to plan for a more circular economy, and this event contributed to that. We were at the reuse festival to help students with easy upgrading and fixing of things that deserve a little longer life cycle. We hope this helps to highlight the value of second hand things are at least as good as new things - and in this case it was also for free. Perfect for students with a tight budget, says Isabelle Auby, leader of Framtiden i Våre Hender Oslo Studentlag.

Free furniture for the dormitory

Not only is it good for the environment to buy second hand goods, but it is also suitable in a student budget. The reuse festival gave students the opportunity to decorate large parts of their dormitory with free chests of drawers, bedside tables, kitchen utensils, games, books, etc. Everything that was collected was handed in by students who have moved out of their dormitories, and collected from recycling stations in Oslo Municipality.

- We hope this offer was positive for the students' budgets. You do not have the opportunity every day to collect high quality furniture and equipment for free. We had to draw a line in regards of how much goods each student could take home. We are hopeful that the students left our reuse festival very happy, says Karoline Aakenes, advisor in SiO Foreninger.