Saeka Zafar created her own summer job!

Do you dream of creating your own summer job? See how Saeka Zafar did it!

Saeka is one of those who has applied for a paid summer job, and will now work on something she wants to engage more students in - yoga. She has experience with yoga from the past and has held sessions for smaller groups.

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Yoga every sunday in St Hanshaugen park at 10:00 am. Beginning 4th of July.

- This was the ideal job for me where I could do purposeful work and also get paid during the summer break. As an international student it will allow me to share my skills and connect with other students, says Saeka.

Throughout the summer and autumn, Saeka will hold yoga sessions every Sunday in St. Hanshaugen park. According to the plan, she wants to complete one session a week for a period of 20 weeks.

-  I have become a yoga instructor in India and I will offer to guide 20 participants through yoga practices. The sessions will include easy yoga asanas, sun salutation, breathing techniques and meditation. The sessions will focus on flexibility of the body and harmony of the mind, says Saeka.

When you apply for a summer job it is up to you whether you want to work with someone or do it alone. Saeka chose to hold the yoga sessions alone, and says that her friends have shown support. She also wanted to do something meaningful this summer, but also get in touch with other students in Oslo.

- I was looking for a meaningful summer job and came across the SiO post on Instagram and instantly thought of creating this activity, says Saeka.

Do you want to apply for a summer job? Submit your application here, it is not too late! The application process is simple and you get a quick response to your application.

- The process of application was seamless and easy. I was quite excited to see how long it took before my application was approved, but it was approved within a day, says Saeka.

Did you know that you can also apply for payroll through an association? You can get paid for holding events and activities for your association, but not for ordinary operations.