Project employee for ''Semester with new friends''

The package of measures for students is looking for students who can help create social activities for new and old students in the new academic year by leading the project "semester with new friends".

The Ministry of Education and Research granted a package of measures for students earlier this year. The students' package of measures is a temporary support scheme that supports student-run projects and creates jobs for the students. We are looking for two students who can help create social activities for students in Oslo. The tasks will include initiating, coordinating and maintaining activities and operations among new and old members in the project "semester with new friends".

Who are you?

We in the Students' package of measures are looking for you who are passionate about improving the students' social life. We are looking for students who are structured, driven and enterprising. You should be independent, but also work well in a team. Experience with project work is preferrable, but not required. All necessary training will be provided. Experience from work in a student association is also preferrable, or knowledge about the students' social environment in Oslo. We will especially look for someone who has enthusiasm and the ability to take initiative.

You are studying at one of the educational institutions in Oslo (also in the fall of 2021) which is affiliated with SiO, and are required to be an active student for the duration of 2021. Due to the infection control restrictions, it is planned that the positions will mostly work from home, and it is therefore assumed that you have access to your own PC and internet. The position will have a position fraction of approximately 20% from week 31 until the end of the year.

Do you want to work in SiO with the project "semester with new friends"?

Send a brief application and CV to, and write "Semester with new friends" in the subject field.

Application deadline: soon - we process the applications continuously.

For questions about the position, contact Ruwayda Mohamed, project employee for the Students' package of measures: or tel. 97380959