Semester with new friends

Welcome to "Semester with new friends"! Do you want to meet other students with similar interests in Oslo? Sign up here

"Semester with new friends" is a social meeting place for students. This is a project that is part of the Student Initiative Grant, where the purpose is to make it easier to meet students with similar interests. You sign up and will be assigned a group consisting of students with similar interests. It is up to the group how you want to meet and how often. If you want to join a group with someone else who registers, please state this in the registration form. 

Every month there will be a larger event where you meet all participants. You will recieve information about these events on e-mail, so keep an eye out there! We will divide those who are registered into groups. 

By signing the form, you agree that we store information about you for 6 months, and that your e-mail address and telephone number are shared with those you are grouped with. If you have any questions, you can contact Ruwayda Mohamed, at the e-mail address