Welcome to the nightlife universe of the future!

You hear your favorite music at full blast. The dance floor is filled with students enjoying life after the reopening. There is a good atmosphere and everyone sings along - but to different song. Welcome to the silent disco universe!

You are now in the basement of Chateau Neuf, on Betong. The room is dark, but filled with colored light, smoke and sweaty students dancing into the night. You take off the headphones you have on your head, and the only thing you hear is some small talk and singing, but not sing-along. The music is gone and those around you are singing their respective songs, while they try to drown out each other.

Full house

Oline Martemoen Vasaasen works as a project employee for the Student Initiative Grant and is one of those who helped arrange the silent disco. She says that around 800 students stopped by during the evening, and at the most there were as many as 600 people there at the same time.

Five minutes before opening there was a long queue outside the door! There were most people there around midnight, when there were about 600 there at one time, says Oline.

Project employee Oline Martemoen Vasaasen
Project employee Oline Martemoen Vasaasen

The huge turnout with delighted students indicates that the reopening from Stortinget is well received, and an event like this was long awaited. The evening was filled with dancing and singing on the dance floor. There was no doubt that the students had an enjoyable evening and that those who worked there also enjoyed themselves.

- The dance floor was packed with people dancing, jumping and singing along to the songs being played. We who worked there also used the headphones some times, and really felt the atmosphere. When we were not wearing them, it was a bit humorous to hear three different songs were sung at the same time. People were cheerful and happy, and it seemed that everyone had a fantastic evening, confirms Oline.

A sought offer

The concept of silent disco has already existed for many years, but only a few of the nightclubs offer this. The fact that the concept is still so unique was perhaps one of the reasons why so many people took the trip to Chateau Neuf that weekend.

This was an event we wanted because we knew it was very popular and would attract many students, also for those who haven't participated in SiO events before. We are used to many of the same people attending our events, which is great, but we constantly try to offer something for all students.

Silent disco is not only a fun and creative concept, it also has several benefits. The concept offers great freedom of choice when it comes to music, and you are never forced to "suffer" through a song you dislike. Having music only through the headphones makes it much easier to talk to each other. Take them off, and you can have a good conversation with someone, in the middle of the dance floor.

- At most clubs, the music is so insanely loud, non stop all night long, without being able to take a break from it, unless you go outside. Then you may have to stand in line again, get into trouble with the doorman and there is just a bad mood. It is a very adaptable event, because the participants themselves can make it so personal, both by having freedom of choice in the choice of music, but also volume, says Oline.

We're back on the dance floor, and as you take off the headphones to say something to a friend, you notice how wonderful it is to let go of the eternally unsuccessful attempt to scream into the other's ear and every time you end up sending a message in frustration that no one hears each other.

You put on the headphones again, and quickly switch from the channel where the song you always have to suffer through getting on - just in time for the favorite song to start on the new channel. During this switch to constantly good music, it seems to go out to a regular nightclub, wake up hoarse and without a voice after an attempt to drown out songs you do not necessarily like, as a distant and exhausting way to have "fun".

Large speakers and tinnitus the next few days have been replaced with small headphones you control and a well-preserved vocal cord. Music, volume or a conversation - everything is up to you when it comes to silent disco! In other words, this is a concept that suits most people. Who knows, maybe silent disco will be dominant in all nightclubs in the future?