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Social entrepreneurs

The Student Initiative Grant is looking for initiative students who want to create new solutions to improve students' everyday lives

There are many who feel lonely these days, and it can be extra difficult to get to know others. Our wish is to find innovative solutions and create new ideas to provide students with activities and social meeting places.

The Ministry of Education and Research granted a package of measures for students earlier this year. This summer we will support the students in the development of social meeting places and measures that strengthen their sense of belonging and a meaningful student life. We will support and contribute to student-driven projects and create jobs for students.

Who are you?

We are looking for you who want to work with social entrepreneurship this summer. We are looking for students who want to find and develop new solutions to create good social meeting places for the students. How can we combat loneliness among students? What can SiO do to create the best possible meeting places for new, old and international students? How can we together create the best possible student welfare for all students?

You will work in a group that, through their own experiences and knowledge from different disciplines, will be able to create new measures and initiatives to improve the everyday lives of Oslo's students. We are looking for you who are creative, solution-oriented and you work well both independently and together with others. You are engaged and innovative.

There will be the possibility of further employment in the autumn in the event of the start-up of own ideas/measures that are granted and will be initiated.

You are studying at one of the educational institutions in Oslo (also autumn 2021) which is affiliated with SiO and you are close to study life. We want to achieve a physical kick-off if the guidelines allow. Beyond this, you will be working from home, and will need your own laptop and internet access. The position will have a percentage of positions of about 50% in weeks 25-28 and 31-32. We offer competitive pay conditions.

Do you want to work in SiO with Social Entrepreneurship this summer? Send a brief application and CV to

Application deadline: 10 June 2021.

For questions about the position, please contact: Julie Bull Eilertsen, sub-project manager for The Student Initiative Grant,, tel. +47 97472044