A social student town!

Medical student Aksel Wusthoff Danielsen is thinking long-term! Using activity funds from the Student Initiative Grant, he has since May 2021 invited friends home to his student housing twice a month, for either board games or movie nights.

The students Aksel Wüsthoff Danielsen and his girlfriend Nora Christiane Graham are avid movie fans. They are in full swing of introducing more than just Hollywood productions to their group of friends. 

The DVD collection consists of movies not found on Netflix. 

- I have movies from Latin America, some are from South Korea, in addition to an assorted collection produced all over Europe, Aksel explains as he presents his DVD collection. 

Moreover, some of the films in the collection include Soviet Ivan the Terrible and Stalker, as well as the Italian classic Cinema Paradiso. 

- We are a group of friends who frequently go to flea markets in search of movies. I look for weird Norwegian movies, while Aksel treasures outlandish movies from other countries, explains the German friend and exchange student Sönke Menke. 

Aksel's friends, Nora Christiane Graham, Julie Alsing and Jeanett Murstad, are gathered at Aksel's student housing for this month's movie night. Tonight's screening consists of a Chilean historical drama. 

11 square meters of cosiness 

The smell of a better meal and a good atmosphere fills Aksel's small dormitory at Kringsjå student town. 

Aksel and his girlfriend Nora started inviting her roommates and other mutual friends. Then, as a result of Aksel's initiative with hosting game and movie nights, their group has grown. 

- I have invited people I have met through Speed friending, alongside peer students. At the most, we have been nine people. That night, some had to sit on the floor while others sat on the stool by the piano. It was a bit huddled up, yet very cozy, he describes. 

Aksel was early certain about what he wished to spend the money he received from the Student Initiative Grant on. 

- When I first should buy something, I thought, why not by something that lasts? But also, something one could have for a long time, and many may benefit from. 

As a nice break in the middle of the week, Aksel aims to invite for social gatherings at least twice a month, either on Tuesdays or Thursdays. If board games are not on the program he hosts a movie night, preferably along with a good dinner.

It is no doubt that Aksel has cracked the code, and has found an easy and low-threshold way to meet his group of friends. Besides, it does not appear that the measure has a set due date - because as Aksel says:

- I do not think the day we run out of movies will come!