Summer water war

On Friday 13 August, a summer water war was held at Sognsvann, where over 60 students participated in the event. The water war led to a friendly match, and a good atmosphere among both participants and spectators.

Despite a little bad weather, many students showed up with a good mood and an open mind. The participants started with some ''get to know each other'' games before they were divided into four teams, and the battle for "last-man-standing" began.

The Student Initiative Grant has started a new sub-project - The Students' activity group, and they are the ones behind ''summer water war''. In advance, they went to the purchase of dozens of water pistols and floaties, and all participants received their own water pistol and bandana in the team's color, in addition, they had floaties that they could hide behind.

It is wonderful to see that so many students joined the event! It seemed like people were having a great time and the enthusiasm around the event was huge. We hope this leads to new acquaintances, and maybe even friendships, says Idar Henrik Seem, project coordinator and co-responsible for summer water war.

With over 60 participants, floaties and water guns, it can be a lot to keep track of, but the organizers have held several events throughout the summer and have good routes.

The participants were competitive, but even during the water war it was a friendly tone and we consider the event as very successful. We were several organizers who made sure that everything went smoothly, says Idar Henrik.

After such a successful event, it is not unlikely that this will be repeated. Follow our activity calendar or sign up for other events here.