The funds have been distributed

Salary funding with the Students' initiative grant
It is still possible to apply for salary funding to create student job positions. Here, you can create your own position in exchange for helping to create social meeting places for students in Oslo and the surrounding area. The intention behind this grant from the Storting is that the paid students must contribute to social services being implemented quickly and reaching out to the students. It is a requirement that you are an active student.

We want to inform you, it is still possible to apply for funding through the initiative for the Cultural Board's pot, however, they have their own criteria that must be met. By providing access to established cultural institutions and offers under the auspices of educational institutions and student volunteering, the Cultural Board enables students to experience Oslo's cultural life - both through small and large events, as well as smaller and more unknown cultural offers. The next and last deadline for applications in 2021 is 17 November.

The application form for the allocation of funds toward social low-threshold services is now closed, as a result of an impressive support for applications for the allocated funds from the Storting in the spring of 2021. Thanks to enthusiastic applicants, many students in the Oslo area have made new friends, unique experiences and a the social community has been strengthened under the time of Corona. Students, employees at educational institutions and associations have made it possible for an enormous number of students to have fun and socialize with their class, colloquium group, the faculty or association.

The "activity funds" from the Storting were intended students, associations and educational institutions, with the goal of helping to support, as well as strengthen the social student environment and mental health services in Oslo, Kjeller and Sandvika under time of Corona. The call from the Storting was to distribute the funds quickly, in order to reach students with social offers- and since then, more than 1000 important applications for social low-threshold services have been approved. This means, 15.3 million have gone to social activities for students in the Oslo area.

With these applications and the long-term effects of low-threshold social offers, the goal of a strengthened social student life has been achieved through students' own initiative and ability to implement! The funds have in their entirety gone to events and projects that promote social offers and mental health services, and have been distributed to students, associations and educational institutions that have been the driving force to strengthen the social student life in the Oslo area - kudos to you all!

The variation between enterprising applicants has been great, and the contributions have led to a wide range of low-threshold social services that you students have seen the need for and taken the initiative to arrange. The result of the funds being distributed is now many original activities, social events and low-threshold offers students can still look forward to joining in the school year 2021! These are already planned events by the students themselves, associations and educational institutions, or take place under the auspices of the project group and SiO. An overview can be found in the Activity Calendar.

The Students' initiative Grant has been a temporary project and is close to an end. We still have some good news to announce:

I) The project has established sub-projects and activity groups who will continue to create social low-threshold offers throughout the school year 2021:

  • "Semester with new friends" has merged registered students with other students who have the same interests as oneself, and registration is ongoing throughout the semester.

  • The "Discord Group" is a digital meeting place and arena for communication that will conduct events throughout the semester, both digital and physical.

  • "Peer Support" is for students, by students and SiO health, which aims to support students through one-on-one conversations, groups and social events (mental health services). Peer Support will be continued by SiO Health.

  • The "activity group" arranges social low-threshold activities for students, regardless of place of study and association. This involves trips to activity parks such as climbing, trampoline parks, theme nights and more. They will continue to arrange activities throughout the semester.

  • The "cultural group" provides access to Oslo's cultural life through both large and small events - everything from cinema, theater and festival. They will continue to arrange activities throughout the semester.

  • In addition, "SiO's service areas" (SiO Housing, SiO Food and Drink, SiO Health and SiO Athletica) have developed low-threshold offers such as quizzes, rebus races and concerts, and these events will continue throughout the semester and into the future.

II) We are working to continue the practice of certain measures

The Discord group has a desire and commitment to continue holding events on Discord. The project will be for all gaming-related associations and others in Oslo, Kjeller and Sandvika.

Semester with new friends has been a very popular low-threshold offer, and had a great period of establishment with the number of participants. We are working on continuing this concept after 2021.

III) The project group has focused on long-term measures and have supported investment-needs and allocations of funds that contributes to social effects after 2021. With a goal to establish long-term offers for students in Oslo, Kjeller and Sandvika after the project period, investments have been made in, for example, plant boxes , field hockey equipment, footballs, goals and new kit sets - where everything can be inherited by new students. The investments are distributed in various associations, educational institutions and initiatives - among others, MF, Blindern Rockeswing, NIH, HF, Vestgrensa studentby and BI Athletics. The NLA has been granted funds for activities that goes beyond the project period, such as garden projects and the purchase of hiking equipment.

Thank you for all the applications, and for wanting to help strengthen the social student community!

Some examples of long-term support to associations

  • The newly started sports team BI Athletics Kanonball wants to be a low-threshold offer with its weekly Tuesday trainings for all students. They have received support to invest in balls, vests and cones.

  • Blindern Rockeswing was established in 2015, but as a result of Covid-19 there was a large dropout of members. The association was granted funds to kickstart the semester by arranging an intro course in Rockeswing, as well as support for props that the association will benefit from, to be able to continue its social activity for a long time to come.

  • Funds have been allocated for the development of the "Activity Calendar" under the auspices of the student organization SiO, with the aim of gathering associations and universities' upcoming events in one place in the future. This is to make it easier for students to find relevant events in one place.

Facts about the grant from the Storting:

  • Background: The purpose of the grant is to strengthen the student community in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • The aim of the grant was to give as many students as possible access to social offers and mental health services. The funds were also intended for students who belong to educational institutions who are not members of the student organization SiO. In the letter from the Storting, it was specified that the funds should be distributed by end of 2021.

  • In the allocation, there were salary funds intended to create students positions.  

Response to my application, as the application form is closed

You will receive an answer by e-mail, and what the next steps will look like.


  • The funds can only be used towards specific activities for students, with the coordination of students. 
  • The measures must be inclusive, and must reach students.
  • The activities must take place in accordance to the current infection control measures at the time of the activity .
  • The funds must be used in 2021 .
  • Salary funds must go to implementing specific social measures, or contribute to the measures reaching the students. 
  • There is a documentation obligation for all costs and expenses. 
  • All approved applications must be reported. Money that is not used in accordance with the application must be returned. If these are to be reallocated, this must be clarified.

Employment through student associations 

Students who are hired through the project under the auspices of associations can be paid in two ways: 

1. Students who are paid up to NOK 10,000 are paid directly by the association, who will receive support corresponding to the amount the association has been granted. Note that an association can pay a maximum of NOK 10,000 tax-free a year to one person. If the association exceeds this amount, this must be reported to the tax authorities. 

2. Students who are paid more than NOK 10,000 must be employed in SiO. 

Employment through educational institutions 

Students who are hired through projects under the auspices of the educational institutions are paid directly by the educational institution. SiO will transfer the grant amount directly to the educational institution. 

The positions are paid with a specific hourly wage of NOK 195 per hour.

Do you have questions? Check our q&a, or get in touch with us.