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Through the Student Initiative Grant, SiO distributes funds to arrange activities for students in Oslo. We asked three Oslo students what they would like to arrange if they had not had any financial restrictions.

Name: Kine Manneråk Bakken 

Studying: Sport Management at the Norwegian Sports Academy

If you had not had any financial constraints - what is the coolest event you could envision for students in Oslo?

Answer: - I would have wanted to arrange the largest student festival ever, which was open to absolutely everyone. The event could take place on the roof of the castle and in Slottsparken. On the roof of the castle I would have built a giant swimming pool filled with soap and foam - everything you need for a proper foam party, and of course lots of sunbeds and tiki bars with fresh and sparkling drinks to cool off. The entrance to the roof terrace could be a free-standing glass elevator, where you could get a view of Oslo on the way up. If you were going down, you had the choice of taking a water slide that leads to a new pool down in the castle square, or take a zipline directly down to the railway square.

In Slottsparken there should be a bunch of scenes, with the best artists imaginable, in addition to many food trucks with an unlimited selection of snacks, dinners and whatever you could wish for. The paths around Slottsparken should have been prepared for a huge go-kart track for some speed and excitement for those who need a little adrenaline rush during the festival. Otherwise, inflatable sofas would be placed everywhere if you want to chill, otherwise you could join activities such as bubble football, climbing, wind tunnel and much more. In the river of Slottsparken you could take a break on the inflatable mattresses, a place where you can just enjoy and get to know others. Of course, there will also be stalls where you can freshen up, or if you want to go all the way you could get a makeover with just Jan Thomas. It should be a day where everyone put away stress - this should be a day for HYGGE, FUN and new acquaintances.

Navn: Simen Viik Sørensen

Studying: Text and writer at Westerdals Høyskolen Kristiania

If you had not had any financial constraints - what is the coolest event you could envision for students in Oslo?

Answer: - Apart from an eternal irritation over people in shops, my life consists mainly of these four elements: eternal anxiety to oversleep on holidays, geography, swimming and watching others perform various sports. So the coolest event I could think of to conduct for students in Oslo had to include these four elements.

"How then?", you're probably thinking to yourself.

My simple answer is this:

First of all, you are woken up at 05:48 AM on a completely random day of the week by a ticket inspector who says you have fallen asleep and that the bus leaves in five minutes. You pop up like the obedient person you are and you're given a map and compass, before you are driven far up in Østmarka with blindfolds. Your destination is circled on the map, but you have no idea where you are. All you know is that you are going to the red marked X on the map. Your legs begin to move in one direction. You are yawning and rubbing your eyes with clenched fists. After hours of desperation and despair, you meet two volunteers behind a table who are showing you a random flag. You answer incorrectly when they show you the sunrise with the golden-colored frigate bird in the Kiribati flag, and they have to line you up in an imaginary queue in the middle of the forest. So you are standing there. After half an hour you get to try again. The Norwegian flag appears. You answer correctly and at the same time you receive a hint. You're going that way. And you keep on moving. The rest of the day is like a big question mark. You have no idea where you're ending up. Suddenly you are out of the woods. You can more or less orient yourself in the right direction and find a bus. You get off the bus at Tveita Senter. You go down to the subway, and take the subway down to Oslo Central Station, then down to the Opera. Towards Sørenga. At Sørenga you meet a man who gives you a bag. You open the bag. From the bag you pull out a small manual pump and a 3.7 x 3.7 meter large flamingo. Your body is exhausted. You start pumping. After half an hour, another person arrives and also starts pumping. You get stressed and wonder who this could be and if it has anything to do with you. After a few hours you are done. You're tired. And thirsty. Everything around you is just salt water. You look at the map. You're going out there. You are given a small oar and roll the flamingo out on the sea. You jump up. Start paddling. The guy behind you is still pumping. You look at the map, and paddle on the left side of the flamingo's neck. You switch sides. Arms are getting tired. It's not fast, but you're moving forward. You have decided never to give up. You have to do this. The guy behind you has started paddling. You paddle harder. You look at the map. It's wet. A little to your left now, and straight ahead, and you will be there soon. Suddenly you are on Hovedøya. You can see a lot of people. They are yelling. You're confused. And worn out. You're told to run. Your legs are running, you are hanging in there. Running in between the masses. They shout and cheer. You turn around and can see the guy on the flamingo approaching land. You look forward again. In front of you there is a ramp with a black curtain. The legs go faster. That's where you need to be, according to the map. Your right foot hits the ramp first. You step through the curtain and is hit by a bright light. You squint, but suddenly you see it. Right here, all the students in Oslo are gathered in front of the big stage you're standing on. There is a roaring cheer. Everyone is happy. You've done it. A man with a microphone comes up to you. You will learn that all the students knew they were coming here today, except you. The other flamingo guy enters the stage. The audience bursts out in its roaring cheer once again. You were chosen. And you won. You recieve a wreath around your neck and a bottle of champagne. You pop it open. What a day. Behind the crowds there is a large slide that has been built, and it goes all the way around the the swimming area at Hovedøya. The whole area is prepared for one big festival. You get the honor of taking the first ride on the brand new slide. You don't really want to, but do it anyway. Everybody is cheering for you. In the glorious sunshine, there will be a big beach party on the main island for all the students in Oslo. The music from different artists will be loud, and there will be different ball activities. People will be loving life, and next year, someone else will be the hero.

Name: Constance Thuv 

Studying: Business Law and Economics at BI Norwegian Business School

If you had not had any financial constraints - what is the coolest event you could envision for students in Oslo?

Answer: If I did not have any financial constraints, I would arrange a floating concert with a festival on the ground with food trucks, activities and other events.

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