What's up?

Through the Student Initiative Grant in 2021, an "event calendar" was developed to be used to promote the social student services in Oslo. See the calendar live now on sio.no.

Semester with new friends

Sign up via the registration form. Meet new friends with "Semester with new friends". There is no application deadline, and we put together groups throughout the semester. You can sign up alone, or with a friend or two.

Oslo as a student city

Through the sub-project "Oslo as a student city", we will make the cultural offer in Oslo available to the students through the Student Initiative Grant 2022. Follow the event calendar and events on facebook to find information about future events.

The activity group

Through the activity group, we will facilitate attractive and needed social activities that can suit everyone. Follow the event calendar or our page on facebook to find information about future events.

Event calendar

Follow SiO's event calendar. This is the place where we want to gather Oslo's social student offers for it to be accessible to you.

Discord group

SiO's Discord group provides a digital platform to socialize on, as well as a variety of content for students interested in gaming. Join us and discover the events of the gaming-associations or create your own events for you and your friends, both in- and outside of the student volunteerism.