When digital ties become physical

''The project "Sommerforeninga" is UiO Gaming's attempt to make the digital tapes physical'', wrote association leader Sivert Arntzen in his application to the Students' package of measures. A few days later, Sivert received an answer - and this should prove to be the start of a memorable and important summer for many students.

Since September 2020, UiO gaming has provided space for a vulnerable group of students, namely first-year students. Digital teaching and closed reading rooms have closed the traditional meeting areas for the first. Fortunately, many of these students have found themselves at the association UiO Gaming. The offer has been hugely popular, and today there are over 300 members.

Games and other digital surfaces have been very important in giving students at UiO and networks and people to talk to. Now that the semester is over, and the vaccines are being rolled out to young adults, it is time for the students to step out of the screen and into the warm student life, says Sivert.

The advantage of a digital association is that one does not affect to the same extent the physical restrictions that society has to deal with. Many of the members of UiO Gaming have made new friendships, but not until now have they met each other physically. Every week throughout the summer, UiO Gaming has arranged various physical low-threshold events for its members. The core group that has played together digitally has finally met each other physically to play paintball, watched an outdoor cinema in the Ivar Aasen garden, barbecue and this weekend will go on a cabin trip to "Småbruket studenthytte" with hot tub in Bærumsmarka. There have been around 20 participants at the events, and Sivert has received good feedback on the initiative "Sommerforeninga".

I have received personal messages from several first-year students who have said that it is fun to be part of these events and see other students physically, and that they feel a community with people they have not met face to face before, says Sivert .

The new association is growing in number, and the association leader hopes more women want to join. In UiO Gaming, there is a predominance of male members, but Sivert points out that they strive for a good gender distribution. There are many well-established women in associations who sit on the board and are part of the e-sports team. 

- There are more and more women who play games, and there is plenty of room for even more in our association. The more women who take part in the association, the better, says Sivert.

UiO Gaming plans to hold board game evenings throughout the autumn, and set new projects to live to create more activity, strengthen the social community and develop and strengthen their platform. Sivert makes no secret of the fact that he dreams of even greater activity in the association throughout the autumn. Do you think UiO Gaming sounds like an exciting association? Check out their website, https://uiogaming.no/, for more information.

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